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Google Nexus 7

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New tablet from Google in summer 2012


http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-7-tablet-forum/  good forum


Video on how to use Android 4.1


Check the original post in this thread (your thread was merged into this one). Lots of uses - the only thing you can't do without rooting is mass storage. All other peripherals work when you aren't rooted.

It's not impossible that Google will release a software update to correct this issue - but for the time being, it requires root in order to use mass storage devices.


You dont have to root your Nexus to install flash.
Go to Security on the Settings screen and tick Unknown sources check box. Then download this version of Flash from the link. Others i have tried have worked for video, but the sound did not. If the link doesn’t work or you feel happier getting it from another source, then just make sure its the Flash file version that ends 5011.apk. Heres the link.

Once downloaded click on the file to install it.
Chrome doesnt work with flash on the Nexus 7 so you’ll have to install firefox. You may have to tick the enable checkbox in the plugins screen of Firefox’s settings. I installed Flashify as well from the store so that if i use Chrome and come across a Flash page it sends it to Firefox to view.


How to Root Nexus 7

Find the ToolKit here: http://d-h.st/xMX

  1. Download ToolKit.
  2. Extract.
  3. Install driver in “drivers” folder if not already installed (it will say PdaNet)
  4. Plug in device to computer and place in USB debugging mode (Settings > Developers Options > USB Debugging)
  5. After drivers are installed, run root.exe.
  6. It will asked if your bootloader is locked or unlocked. If you just bought it from Google, it’s locked.
  7. Select your preference of “super user” or “supersu” for root (just a preference choice).

Once you make this choice, it will do its magic. Just keep in mind that if your bootloader was locked, it will wipe all your data. If you’d like a video of the process, check out the video below.





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