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Built by Friends info

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 11 years, 8 months ago

Gabby and I picked up the trailer in Sikeston, MO from Heartland Trailer Manufacturing on the evening of Friday, September 10th, 2010.

We ordered a 20′ car-hauler type flat bed trailer, custom built to meet the tiny house construction needs. Jay Shafer’s plans called for an 18′ Utility Trailer with 7,000lb axles. We followed the suggestion of a user who posted on Jay’s website, Tumbleweed Houses, and opted for the more sturdy design that a car hauler offers. We also decided to go with a 10,000lb rated trailer. This trailer is, after all, the foundation of our soon to be tiny house, so we’re starting with the most solid foundation we can!

Since we ordered straight from the manufacturer, we not only saved some money, but were able to have them build it exactly as we would need it to begin framing our tiny house. The plans for a Tumbleweed Home call for the builder to remove most of the wood trailer decking to shave weight, as well as to cut off all metal that rises above the decking.

We intend to utilize campgrounds, and will register this as a hand-made RV. If we park it at a friend’s house, we’d just need to be mindful of any local codes that regulate how long an RV can visit.

I’m about to start my own fencl at the end of the month :) I’m looking at car hauler trailers with a 10000 rating as well, but I’m concerned that they appear to be (at least the one I’m looking at anyway) 22″ from the ground as opposed to the 19″ that the Tumbleweed folks point out on the reccommended trailer spec sheet. It seems that I’d have to make the house a little shorter to compensate.

Now that we have the required systems in place to ‘count’ as a custom built RV, we were able to take the car-hauler trailer title down to the local Secretary of State’s office and register our tiny house as a recreational vehicle in the State of Illinois. We had to prove that we had a water supply, an electrical supply, a stove, and toilet. No problems there.

Now, as a road legal R.V., we can move it on the highway and use it in a camp ground and beyond!

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