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tiny house info

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 8 years ago

Recreational park trailer - maximum size is 400 sq ft, building that you use temporary and seasonally, needs to be inspected for safety as a recreational trailer, Elkhart Indiana, campground model, Stephen Marshall interview





Tiny - the movie
Little house on trailer site
Tiny revolution blog - good info
Tiny house journal
Tiny house blog
Tiny house talk
Gold thread tiny house blog - At this point I am leaning toward 12 Volt DC system to run the Nova Cool fridge and MR16 halogen or LED bulbs, and a 1000 watt true sign wave inverter to power some AC circuits

Tiny house forum

Log cabin on trailer
Tiny house design
Building a camper
Jay Schafers website with plans for sale
Tour of Jay Schafers house
Tumbleweed box bungalo tour
CBS tour of Shafers tiny house

From Jay's Small House Book:
Tumbleweed - 8 x 12 plus porch, 7 x 7 great room, 2.5 gallon pot on high shelf, drains to sink or shower, propane heater and cook stove, compost toilet, 1 solar panel for lights & radio,

video building on trailer with text
tiny houses
Smartside composite siding - guaranteed for 50 years

Michael Jansen website 8 x 16 house
composting toilet
Mini mobile blog
Vardo - like a gypsy wagon, nice pictures and DMV registration
Tiny house news video in COTiny houses in Vt video

Bill Brooks part 1 (4 parts)
10,000 pound trailer

Now…tuck in a little 3 X 3 ‘closet’ with a compost potty setup, and install running water from a small sink either IN the same closet or from a kitchen sink tap, would make all the difference in the world.

Adam Carter, plans for sale, 9 x 18 trailer, ~ 130 sq ft

The trailer is the loophole in the permitting process for minimum size of the house.
13' 5" is maximum height for a trailer per DMV
roof overhangs can't be more that 8 feet total width

TinyGreenCabins.com company - plans?

8 x 24 house on trailer 6500 lbs

Inside of 14 x 14 cabin
Eriks tiny house
Tiny house project multiple days - uses .25 inch thick tongue and groove wood on walls
Blog on building 8 x 16 Fenl
Tiny for 2 blog

Jonathan's Fencl videos - 8x20
Jonathan's blog on live journal
Jonathan's tiny house info
The field lab Texas
Fencil walk thru
Interesting interior layout
The possible dream blog - recent 2012
Tiny house design
Retirement 500 sq ft cabin
Hillsboro NH tiny house
Building Fencil videos

2 story barn shed 16 x 16
We the tiny house people
Tales of a tiny homestead
Life in 120 sq ft blog
Life in 120 sq ft pictures
House for a hobo
Solar panels
Evan and Gabbys tiny house
What it is like to live in a tiny house - great short video
Travis video
Lots of stuff packed into small space video
Off the grid in Canada - long video
Tiny house listings - good info
Tiny house webinar
Timber frame cabin
Fencl building pics
Evan and Gabby building Tumbleweed - great info
Video series of using Google Sketchup to draw tiny house
U domes
Almost Glamping - couple building tiny house in 2012 - great links to other tiny house sites
Tiny house over the hill - 2012 build
Steve's 124 sq ft
Calpella cabin plans - 35 pages, $10
Excellent video showing building steps
My tiny abode
Northwestern tiny house project
Rowdy kittens 8x16 - some great pictures, Dee Williams design with kitchen and bath at entry door, living room in back
Dee Williams interview
Tiny Tack House - good pictures
Built by friends - blog: good info and ideas
BBF pictures - 20 foot custom trailer
Built by Friends info
Casita Bella little house - current build, good info
Little yellow door
Clothesline tiny house
Austin tiny house - good info on roofing by one person only
Kai's Weebee construction photos
Will's Tarleton construction photos - good links and video
Tiny SIP house - kitchen 4 x 6; Dometic chest Refrig by Danfoss - chest type runs on 24 volts; propane boat stove; 3/4 inch walls, no studs; Natures head composting toilet, 30 x 30 inch shower stall; Art Cormier
Oakland tiny house
PBS tiny house video
Itty Bitty House Co tour
Molecule tiny homes
Molecule tiny homes - video
Minimotives blog - Kristie Wolf reference
Austin tiny homes
Austin tiny house workshop 17 bucks
Working alone book - $12 Amazon
Swedish mobile hunting cabin
Tiny house building in Vt
Tiny Home Builder
Small 196 ft modular house pictures
Tiny revolution pod casts
Minimobile blog - 8x24
Solar Burrito
Zoe tiny house living log
Our wee house blog - tiny house is for sale (Collin Gibson)
Collin Gibsons tiny house
Autrin tiny house material
Nova Scotia tiny house
Timber frame tiny house
Mini motive
Tiny midwest
Little yellow door
Small home big life blog
Humble homes FB page - good 3D images
Nice walk thru of house - has some good tips and ideas
Free tiny house plans - nice plans for 8x14
Urban rancher's blog
Bungalo to go
sharkbite plumbing fixtures
Austin Hay tiny house
Boneyard Washington DC

8x8 Design

The Shack - 50 sq ft with arched roof; nice short video

http://www.tallmanstinyhouse.com/index.html Tall man's tiny house

http://agreatleapinthedark.blogspot.com/2012/11/prairie-trippin.html Great leap in the dark tiny house

http://www.thetinylife.com/the-journey-starts/ - Ryan's tiny house - just starting Nov 12

http://gridrid.com/2012/09/25/compost-toilet-in-suburbia-update/ - Grid Rid

http://tinyhomesteadfreedom.blogspot.com/2012_07_01_archive.html - Victoria & David, Bristol NH


Good video of building a 12 x 20 tiny house   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gFz8pojwrYM#!

and his new website:  http://www.smallerhouselargerlife.com/



video of building solar panel cart
Boston area backyard 9x13 office with video

Tortoise shell homes
light pine log siding at Home Depot
FLOR carpet squares
Use bar sink - small

Sonoma Shanty
Dave's Tiny House ideas
Sonoma shanty - technically a shed, structure can be built for $1,300, plans are $27
Main Sonoma Shanty page
Sonoma shanty construction pictures

Questions on Sonoma Shanty

  • Plans say 2x6 top plate is cut at 45 degree angle. Is this for plywood siding to lie flat against top plate?
  • 4 Roof panels: on each side in the middle, are panels bolted together?
  • Save good construction pictures separately
  • What does 'double eve block moved to dashed line position' mean? I can't find the dashed line.
  • Triangular plywood on ends needs to have additional 2x4 blocking added inside eves.
  • I think rough door opening on plans is incorrect for a 36" x 78" door.


  • Use underfloor layments: Sureply or Ultraply to cover walls. Cheap $20 per sheet and has smooth finish. Would just have to paint to cover blue plus signs every foot. Lowes has 1/8 white hardboard for $12 a 4x8 sheet. Lighter than sheetrock.
  • Minimize windows to maybe 2 so they can be covered with plywood shutters when not in use. Have removable wooden screen door.
  • Hidden road going in. Block with fallen trees when leaving for season.
  • Vents and windows away from entry road.
  • 20 foot length (160 sq ft) sounds good for enough space in living area (20 - 3 bathroom - 5 kitchen = 12 living area)

Draw up common floor plans and list pros and cons for each.

  • bathroom at rear
  • bathroom on side
  • door on side or end
  • closet near door
  • closet near kitchen
  • location of windows for securing with shutters while away


Larry's shed is 10 x 14 and 10.5 high. Walls are 6'6" tall inside. He has gravel underneath it.
My shed will be: 8 x 14 built to Sonoma Shanty plans. SS calls for 7'5" wall studs, where Larry's are 6'2". I will build mine with 6' 5" walls.
I stood inside a 8 x 12 shed at HD today; boy was it small inside! It had 6 foot high sidewalls, with the rafters starting then.
I need end wall high enough for rough opening of steel exterior door. 6 panel, steel 36 x 78 door is $120 at HD. Rough opening is 38.5 x 80.5. So the door end, must be 6' 7" for door RO. I have to keep outside of ends at 6' 5", so I need a couple of taller studs in the center.
3/8 Smart siding is $24 per sheet; T 1-11 is $25.50 per sheet
Cheapest window was $150. Check with Medway lumber or make my own like Jonathan did. Lowes single hung window $92 - 24 x 38
I am wrestling with deck; should I use 2x6 or 2x4 per plans? I can lay 14' long 2x6 flat over cinder blocks. (I went with 2x6 PT)
2x4 x 8 pressure treated = $3.50 ea. 2x6 x 8 pressure treated = $5 ea. $85 - $60 = $25 delta; then I would need another 6 2x6 to lay over cinder blocks if using 2x4 (another $30). I will probably go with the 2x6.
I may go with 2x4 deck and lay some 2x6 flat across the cinder blocks. Should be cheaper. (It's not; I ran the numbers.) Put 8x16 pavers under cinder blocks.
Cinder blocks and pavers are $1.50 each
I realized on 27 June that the studs are 2' apart; I thought they were on 16" centers

Use shed as lab: lay out interior of tiny house with chairs, rubber maid buckets, camp stove, etc. to get idea of space. Maybe get solar panel and set it up to charge my battery, and run 12 volt light inside shed. Or use it for ham shack! Put my ship's bell in shed.

Construction schedule
10 June - bought 9 concrete blocks and 6 pavers at HD
13 June - worked on bill of material; found number of rafters was too low (should be 16 rafters and 20 purlins); ~looks like 3" overhang on ends. I'm going with 1/2 inch ply on roof.
16 June - started digging and leveling blocks for foundation
18 June - look up Z flashing to seal T1-11
27 June - wood delivered
1 July - put down tarp, stone and started rim joists
2 July - finished platform, bought windows
3 July -

We have used the "Styrofoam Boards supplemented with spray foam" which has worked well for us. We used our Ryobi reciprocating saw to cut it and found it to be no problem. We have a total of 4 inches if foam in the walls.

For the bottom edge of the T1-11, I would suggest cutting it at a 45 degree angle and then seal the bottom edge. The angle creates a drip that a square edge won't give you.

Life in 120 Sq Ft
We replaced our temporary 60 watt solar panel system with a new Kyocera 490 watt system. This consists of two 245 watt panels that connect to 45 amp Tristar MPPT charge controller made by Morning Star. These all feed into three 110 amp hour AGM batteries. We used the same trusty 1800 watt inverter from our original system to convert all the power to AC inside the house. There are separate breakers throughout the system so they can be safely isolated and serviced at any time.
All of the wiring runs underground in rigid conduit.
We had bought a traditional pole and top of pole mount but we wanted more flexibility to move the panels since the sun varies in position in our clearing throughout the year. Matt custom designed a mount that allow us to move the panels around as needed. They are heavy but it is possible.
We bought everything at the AltE Store online and they were quite helpful throughout the process.

15 x 8 = 120 sq ft
16 x 8 = 128 sq ft
18 x 8 = 144 sq ft
20 x 8 = 160 sq ft

Bushman 205 gallon water tank
I am using standard 12/3 NM for all of the AC electrical. I am using 10/3 for the DC

RV companies make 24" square shower stall. Look for 12V monitors at boating or RV dealers.

Make punch list of things to do for blog post.
Think about number and location of windows for tiny house to be left in the woods unattended and would need shutters to lock / protect windows when vacant.

Questions for Josh

  • how to seal shiplap edges of T1-11
  • staple roofing paper
  • how to lay shingles on peak of roof
  • what caulking to use for pine trim

Applying tar paper:
overlap each layer 2"
leave .5 to .75 overhang at ends
overlap peak 1 foot on each side

I need to put the T1-11 siding on the top of the ends next. I need to attach scrap wood for nailing strips inside the peaks and install a stud up the middle of the peaks to nail the ends of the T1-11 to. This has to be done before the door is installed. (Although I may leave the siding on one side of the door off, so I can get in and out when installing the door.

  • buy tin snips for flashing
  • Decon mouse bait
  • bulbs for hall light
  • roof flashing for sides - 24 linear feet (later)
  • dead bolt lock for door

To Do next

  • add blocking to nail siding to over door
  • cut triangular pieces of siding for front and rear (will be different) - This is turning out to be easier than I thought; I cut 2 triangles and I just have to trim .75 inch off the bottom and they should fit fine.
  • install Z flashing, caulk and install siding on rear
  • read up on door installation
  • install 2 siding panels next to door (keep one siding panel out so I can enter and exit shed)
  • nail T1-11 (look for areas that are missing nails)
  • add nailing blocks over door end
  • caulk edges of T1-11
  • finish priming siding
  • cut window holes
  • install windows
  • cut corner and window trim, install
  • get 2 brass screws for door hinge - bring sample to store
  • get galvanized finish nails for door (check in cellar first) - assemble all my nails in one place in garage


  • call Medway Lumber on Monday about door and shingles (chestnut)
  • buy 5 more pavers and shims - done
  • buy 2 windows at Lowes before wall framing - done
  • buy 5 bags of gravel - done
  • decide on wall stud spacing - 16" or 24" (I went with a combination of both)
  • write out material list and call Medway Lumber to see if they deliver (they will) - done

You can mail a check to her credit union or go through pay pal:
Washington State Employee’s Credit Union, West Olympia Branch
2302 Harrison Ave NW, Ste 201, Olympia, WA 98502
Make your donation to “Kim Langston Tiny House Fund”

One of the tricks we are doing is where at the lower edge of the roof we have not put on any trim work so we screwed in some 2x4x12's and took some blocking and have them screwed in place for roof supports and a brace to stand on while working on the upper edge of the roof sections.

finished with pine tongue and groove beaded car siding, has hardwood laminate flooring.
Lowes economy plank white pine wall paneling
50 ft roll of semi flexible pipe stuff called pex

look into bead board panel for interior walls


tiney house info I purchased


Contact Deek about my SS shed; see if he wants to visit and take pics.

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