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Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 13 years, 1 month ago

I plan to build a PDR over the winter.

It will have 15 to 16 inch sides and have side airboxes, with 7 or 8 inch tops. I'll put inspection ports on the vertical sides of the airboxes for access and to get to the leeboard bolt.

I plan to use 1/4 inch ply throughout. I can get 3 ply veneer for $12 a sheet.  If I paint it well it should hold up ok. When not in use, it will live in the garage.

I'll use a 44 square foot high-aspect sleeved lateen sail from my ACA rig. I already have the mast and spars for this sail, along with a leeboard. I'll just have to make a rudder and tiller.



How to reinforce side for mounting leeboard.

Where to position mast and leeboard.

Whether to use permanent screws or not. (look into 7/8 ring shanked nails)


Picture article of building side airbox PDR is with 11" wide tops. I don't want them this wide because they take up too much interior space. I want to put the frame logs on early and in one piece instead of piecemeal like he did. I could probably use doorskin for airbox tops with framing underneath. I like the idea of using fiberglass sheetrock tape and glue on the chines.


Look into 1/4” plywood underlayment for its water resistant quality and also it is free of voids. (SurePly 1/4" is $20 per sheet, uses exterior glue and uses good wood. Needs to be painted well).

Chines inside an airbox don't have problems with water on top.

Obviously, airboxes & their placement are personal matters, but IMHO the advantages of side airboxes: stiffness, flotation if capsized, storage & no water at the chines are "deal- makers".

Ther is also the matter that probably 99% of PDRs are not stored in the water, but are taken out & stored on land, in garages & such, so the angled chine while it is anice idea, isn't really very much needed for that factor. Seems to me to be over-complicating a simple matter.


Don Elliotts sketches of small sailboat

Boxy lady construction photos

PDR  175 construction

PDR 234 pics

Sleeping Schnauzer boat and canoe link

Big foot made me do it - fiberglass & polyester resin on bottom

PDR building page - nice rudder close up

PDR building

Side air compartment PDR construction photos


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