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Fit For Life

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 10 years, 10 months ago

I am giving this diet a try. Some parts of it I will not follow such as eliminating dairy products and meat - I don't agree with the author's ideas on this. I will do the fruit only before noon and try the food combining (most of the time). I think the reason people loose weight is that this is a very low calorie diet. I like the idea of having more energy too; this is supposed to be a side effect of the diet. 


Basic principles:

Eat only fruit until noon

Combine meats with vegetables

Combine starches with vegetables

Never mix meats and starches


3 daily cycles:

consumption of food - Noon to 8 PM

use of food (assimilation) - 8 PM to 4 AM

elimination of food - 4 AM until Noon


The idea is that protein requires an acid to digest it, starches require an alkaline and vegetables can be digested in either. So, simply put, eat only proteins and veggies or starches and veggies, but never proteins and starches together.

Vegetables are defined as cooked food


Book "Fit for Life" on-line

Weight loss is related to the amount of energy your body has; this energy will eliminate waste (excess weight).

This system works with your body to free up energy. Optimizing the body's energy is the critical part of the equation.

Elimination cycle is most important for weight loss.

Fruits and veggies have high water content - pg 29

He says drinking water doesn't work - why not?

He says to drink distilled water because minerals in water are not good for you. I disagree with this.

70% of each meal should be high water content foods

Water dilutes digestive juices during a meal.

Bad food combinations: chicken & rice, steak & potatoes, cereal & milk, bread & cheese.

Protein needs acids to break down, starch needs alkalines to break down; eaten together the acids and alkalines neutralize each other and the food is not broken down completely. The protein putrefies and the starch ferments; the body can use neither one.

Veggies are easily broken down in stomach.

Eat meat with veggies and salad.

Eat potato or bread with veggies and salad.

Eat pasta with veggies and salad.

Different kinds of proteins should not be eaten together - meat, eggs, milk, nuts, cheese - pg 43

Fruit has highest water content of any food: 80 - 90 %

Fruits pass thru stomach in 20 to 30 minutes (bananas 45  to 60 minutes)

Eating fruit - only on an empty stomach - pg 51

Eat mellons before other fruit; due to their very high water content, they move thru system the fastest.

Don't eat other foods until fruit has digested (30 minutes)

Fruits and veggies have the ability to neutralize acids that build up in our system. Fruit becomes alkaline inside body if eaten correctly.

Fruit must be fresh, not canned or cooked.

Time food is in stomach - pg 55

  • meat - 4 hrs
  • starch - 3 hrs
  • salad / veggies - 2 hrs

Since nutrients are absorbed in intestines and fruit moves into intestines quickly, fruit puts nutrients into your body quicker than a big meal.

Side effects of detoxification: loose bowells, upset stomach, runny nose.

Fruits that contain the 8 essential amino acids - pg 71

Our saliva is alkaline.

Have milk, ice cream,  yogurt by themselves. Book does not recommend dairy products in general.

Energy ladder - pg 120

Vegtable fruits - have seeds - tomatoes & cucumbers - pg 127


Book "Fit for Life not Fat for Life" on-line - only part of it

Breakfast - page 129 (try for 1 week to test for increased energy)

Lunch - half living food (fruits and vegetables), half cooked food - page 141

Food combining, reasons for - page 148

Suggestions - page 150

Drinking water during a meal - page 162 - minimize amount of drinking during meal; just take small amount to cleanse the pallet.

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