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7 Feb 11 aikido

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 12 years, 10 months ago

katate tori reverse hitoe iriminage - nage's left hand held; nage moves his left foot fwd and to his left as if he was going to do kaiten nage; nage steps with his rt foot to about 18 inches to the outside of uke's rt foot; nage steps between uke and himself with his left foot, turning to nage's left and raising nage's left hand in front of uke's face to throw hitoe iriminage.


katate tori arm drag - nage's left wrist is grabbed; nage turns his hand so it is palm up and grabs underside of uke's forearm; nage puts his rt hand (fingers toward uke) on uke's rt elbow; nage steps back with left leg and lowers uke's arm, taking his balance; nage then turns his hips to his left, which throws uke; nage turns uke over and does nikkyo pin.


katatetori armbar - nage's left wrist is held; nage turns his hand palm up and moves uke's arm up and then down like nage is doing ikkyo; nage steps in front of uke with his rt foot; nage puts his rt hand on uke's rt elbow, which is now low, near his knees; nage tenkans on his rt foot and walks backwards, bringing uke down to the mat; nage stands in line with uke's body and uses his front knee and back leg to apply pressure to uke's elbow.


yokomen uchi kata hiki otoshi - nage in left hanmi, step in with rt leg and put your left arm behind uke's right shoulder, step back with left leg and throw


nage's arms move up and down his centerline; hip twist creates circular component to motion.



hitoe iriminage - push against uke's head and elbow

kaiten nage - irimi and push uke's hand away before he grabs nage's shoulder



kasa garuma ? - windmill - go down on inside knee, nage's front hand goes into uke's face first, then the rear hand cuts down

choke - nage's rear hand passes under uke's arm/shoulder and rests behind uke's neck (similar to above motion); other hand reaches around uke's neck and grabs near side lapel; turn uke in direction of your fingers behind his neck; nage stays on his feet and lifts uke up for the choke.

seiotoshi - step in, do half tenkan, then put leg in front of uke's leg, nage is taking uke's space

hiji domo makiotoshi - irimi, take uke's elbow, atemi, pass under uke's elbow, throw makiotoshi


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