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Predictive Linguistics

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 13 years, 3 months ago

This is an attempt to understand Cliff High's predictions using his predictive linguistics method.




12 Nov 2010

the tipping point is on 11-14-2010..at 6:50am on pacific time.

anyway, the deal is that the TIP comes on 11-14, but the real 'doom' that y'all seem to crave is in the subsequent 63 days of continuing release language!

DO not let the dimwitted DODies amongst you derail your understanding of your very near term future.

In the normal course of works, i may be inaccurate on the timing of any forecast by up to 3 days, but not this time. The Sked spyders are showing the emotional values manifest JUST as forecast.

Merely attempted to clarify how the release language works, and to point out that who cares about the one minute of tipping point when it is the 63 days following in which the release language is expressed that should be your concern. Kind of like worrying about the instant of the separation of the skin by the deep cold that is steel knife blade floating through flesh as opposed to the subsequent bleed-out. Priorities straightened please.

my name is clif high. i put out my own words. George Ure is not as clear about linguistics as i may like, but he is also merely attempting to point out that when the 'body' falls over (i.e. tips) it is not the tip that is the issue, but the following acceleration toward the ground, and ultimately, the sudden hit you take if you are stupid enough to not have perfected your ukemi arts. Clear enough even for gov't shills? Spooks should know. They should have been trained in the ukemi arts.

And you know, i have yet to receive ANY emails with the most obvious question of all...e.g 'what stops the release language in late January?'.

cliff high


14 Nov 10

Thailand may not accept the dollar again and choose the yuan...
I guess from now, more and more asiatic countries will dump the dollar to choose the yuan.
Hyper-inflation will hit Usa in mid- January...
I take those days as the 63 days that will change the world...
I say, watch November 19 2010.
And December 13 2010.
And, what about more than 60 quakes above 4.0 in Yemen? In one day?


Earthquake swarm off Yemen on 14 Nov


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