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Tablet computers

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computer info
Notion Ink Adam
Feb 2011 review
Google Nexus 7

Coby Kyros MID7015

Info to put on Coby: toki pona info, MyLifeBits, address book, to do list, WOAS, Squeak
My 7015 blog

I ordered my 7015 today 4 June 11. I received my tablet on 13 June.
The sd card instructions for installing in the Kyros are backwards. The card goes in with the pins face down from the lcd display.

Freeware lovers for apk downloads
Slide me
Appolicious android downloads - check this out by Yahoo

DroidWiki - bug with back button and links, makes it unusable, no longer supported
ES File Explorer


new Coby Kyros Android forum
Android Tablet Zone
Antroid Tablets net forum

Android Graffiti info

Things to load first:

  • Swype keyboard
  • WOAS - see where it stores files (SD card?)
  • ASTRO file manager - direct download link: http:/www.androidzoom.comw/search/qrLink?appCode=duu&dwnId=50991984
  • ES File Explorer - is supposed to be good; on Amazon; on AppBrain
  • Docs to go
  • Gdocs
  • Evernote
  • Dolphin browser - can save page to SD card; has Java
  • AK Notepad
  • Skyfire browser (Flash)
  • ADW launcher
  • Sheet to go spreadsheet
  • aFileBrowser2
  • AnyWrite Wiki Style Memo
  • WikiMind note lite

Explore what can be run from memory card vs what will only be stored there

My current (Sept 2012) list of apps on my tablet:

  • Docs to Go (full version)
  • SwiftKey 3
  • Swype - I plan to remove this
  • Graffiti for Android
  • NoteEverything
  • Wiki Mind
  • ES File Manager
  • Dolphin browser

MID 7015 specs:

  • Coby Kyros home page
  • has accelerometer
  • can watch YouTube videos
  • $139
  • runs Android 2.1
  • does not support Flash
  • one of the better resistive touch screens
  • 5 hour battery life
  • supports 16 GB external micro SB card
  • 256 meg of RAM
  • 4 gig internal memory
  • USB port can only see 4 gig drive
  • has standby mode
  • screen resolution 800 x 480

Apps which run and various links

  • Docs to Go works on this
    • ThinkFree Office works also
  • alternate keyboards
    • SwiftKey - the best Tutorial video
    • Grafiti - good
    • FlexT9 keyboard (like swype)
    • Better Keyboard 7
    • Gingerbread keyboard
    • 8Open gesture keypad
  • www.appslib.com
  • Tips and tricks
  • Coby forum
  • Main Coby forum
  • easily rooted - Video on how to root, another good video
  • flash Clockwork mods recovery, then install gapps package (google aps)
  • Z4 root app
  • adwfreaklauncher - adw launcher ex
  • frostwire to xfr files
  • ASTRO file manager and has ability to backup apps into apk files
  • Shoot Me - screen grab program
  • Great photos
  • Android Tablet Zone
  • Rooting Coby
  • Android black market
  • NoteEverything
  • Alternative download sites for apps
    • http:/www.givemeapps.com
    • http://www.appbrain.com - use Gmail to sign in; has Gdocs - Lousy, kept sending me to Android Market
    • http:/www.freewarelovers.comandroid
    • Use 1Mobile Market to get apps
    • www.androlib.com
    • MobilismMarket.apk
    • blackmart.apk
  • meridian player both video and music, plays ogg audio files, free
  • Top 30 android apps
  • Evernote for android - I used the pc version before with mixed results
  • Springpad for android is similar to Evernote - free
  • Swype editor app
  • https:/catch.com
    • let's you use tag words in notes for different categories
  • AK Notepad for android will sync wih Catch
  • Gdocs notepad syncs with Google Docs but does not use folders
  • Dropbox to share files
  • Box.net for file sharing; I already have an account; they have a android app
  • ColorNote
  • OfficeSuite Professional
  • Emma personal wiki - has PC version, syncs with DropBox, don't know if it works with Android 2.1, wiki syntax slightly different from WOAS
  • Easy rooting Coby

Good video on Coby
Dowload APKs to load SW without rooting
Loading Apps without rooting
Video of more apps
Home Shopping Network
Styled WikiNotes for Android
DroidWiki homepage
DroidWiki support forum
MKV file (Matroska) - open source audio and video format works on Coby
Dolphin browser
Updating Coby video
Dropbox - free 2GB of file storage on line - why not use USB stick?
get a task killer program to extend battery life
Honeycomb on Coby with video

Amazon cloud storage
Amazon Android Appstore

Invisible shield by Zagg for Galaxy Tab - screen protector and enhances screen responsiveness

Kyros tutorials
Droidwiki forum
Droid wiki review
Google apps for android site

Sept 2012
I copied the wikimind text files from the nand drive to the sdcard. When I hook up cable, the PC doesn't see all the nand directories. It does see the sdcard directories.
Change purpose of Coby blog to include whether 7 inch tablet is useful and to cover Nexus 7 tablet.
Am I glad I bought my Coby? Yes, at the time it was a good, cheap choice to see if a 7 inch tablet is useful. Now, (this year), the Nexus 7 would be a better choice. SwiftKey 3 has made the Coby much more useful.
I bought a sleeve case for my Coby last week at Walmart. It is made by Case Logic and was only $11. It has a neoprene like foam inside about 1/4 inch thick and a nylon exterior; there is a zipper across the 5 inch side. My Coby slides in smoothly and the case is a perfect fit. With this padded sleeve, I am more comfortable taking my Coby with me. It is also innocuous looking; it doesn't say there is a 7 inch tablet inside.

Hungry. Odd name but it allows you to import and export your list of items using excel and .csv format

Here are the steps: Go to Appslib and download ApkShare. Once you open ApkShare, search for "nook" or "kindle." Download the link for your desired e-reader. ApkShare also has most of the (Android Market) apps that Appslib does not.

Power 101 should be installed (Note: Not everything in Power 101 works on the Coby. Some will not install at all. Others will install but crash if you try to run them.)
Advanced Task Killer Pro install that free up some RAM
Battery Boost Lite
Memory Boost Lite

The process for the link I shared is called "side loading". If you download the APK and copy it to your SD card, you can use a file manager to open/install it once its on your SD card. If you type that URL in your browser on your tablet you can download it straight to your tablet. Its much easier but its harder to read the tiny print as the website is not in mobile format. Good luck

Kyros waking up - I found a "sort of" fix. It still wakes occasionally maybe once every half hour or so... the battery will last about 36-48 hours on standby. Here's what I did:
Amazon Mp3 deleted via Titanium Backup
Appslib disabled via pm disable com.appslib.vending
Gingerbread Keyboard for Eclair installed
Disabled voice search via pm disable android.voicesearch
Don't disable voice search without another keyboard installed... Ask me how I know...

ebooks without rooting your coby kyros 7015

If you are like me and are a casual user and don't want to chance rooting it and don't have strong need for android market. Then here is a step by step on how to import your ebooks(where ever you get them from) to your coby.
First let me point out I am sure there are different ways, in fact I tried to follow a way I found on this site but it didn't work.
your ebooks need to have a epub extension, so if you need to convert google calibre--its easy and free
you also need a file manager installed on the kyros, I used "file manger"
I am using the reader laputa 3.o version ( again this method might work with other readers I didn't try)
I could not get this method to work all the way on aldiko, but I am not tech savy.

1 have your ebooks on your pc where you can easily find them
2 nsert your microsd card in the kyros
3 if haven't already download on the kyros the book reader
4 if haven't already download on kyros a file manager
5 connect the kyros to the pc via usb
6 on kyros home screen pull down the top menu bar
7 you should see internal and external storage--select the external
8 pop up screen will ask mount or unmount--select mount
9 this should create a pop up on the pc.--select open files
10 you should see the laputa file--select it
11 copy your ebooks to this open folder
12 you can copy one book or a folder(multi titles from same author)
13 back on kyros home screen pull down the top menu bar
14 again select external storage and then select unmount
15 unplug the kyros from your pc
16 open up the file manager
17 locate the sdcard file and select
18 here you should see the books you imported
19 select the book you want and open it
20 once the book has been initial opened then closed
21 open the reader on the home screen or where you keep the apps
22 the book you open should now be( In laputa) on the bookshelf
23 now every time open this book you can do so from here

steps 16 thru 23 only needs to be done once per ebook

1. You want to download and unzip Mega Power Tools on your computer.
2. Then copy the newly unzipped folder (or only the individual apps you want to install) onto your microSD card.
3. Insert the card into your device and with a file browser (pick any one you want), browse to what you just copied on the card and tap on the apps you want to install.
4. There will be a confirmation screen and then after you continue, the app will install. However, not all apps are compatible with all devices.

Sylvania Android MID (Mobile Internet Device) Tablet SYNET7LP - $150

  • 1 GHz processor
  • no accelerometer
  • use stylus
  • 3 hour battery life
  • no standby mode - have to shut off tablet

Vendor home page
Sylvania tablet forum
Sylvania tablet videos
Android forum on Sylvania
Another forum
Another forum

Docs to Go runs on Android 1.5 and higher for $15.

ViewSonic G Tablet - $375

ZTE Light 2 with Pixel Qi screen
ZTE Light video

General Android info

A full system backup is tricky because it's more or less prohibited due to system access restrictions (every app is a sandbox (unless you've rooted your phone)), so a scheduled full backup is not likely. That said, you can make a full backup with something like the "rectools" (search for it here) which on the downside does require you to reboot.

I have been using MyBackup Pro. It backs up apps and data to the sd card and on-line.

Have you looked at Calendar Pad? I loved DateBk5, too, but Calendar Pad has selectable font sizes which allows you to see your appointments -- several characters, at least -- in month view, and the week view is very readable. All in all, I actually like this better than DateBk. (Have you installed and played with it? Its a front end that will use the native calendar app for new events, which syncs w/ gCal events. In settings - check box for native day - and it displays native agenda view.) I just found Calendar Pad this afternoon. It gives me a way better week and month view than the standard Android app does.

You might also check out the Pure Calendar widget. It's highly configurable, and very useful. A must have, as far as I'm concerned.

For notes, i have decided to try Gdocs. it doesn't have crypt options and no folders but i like i can sync with google documents.

For non-private memos, I'm using gDocs which syncs (manually) with Google Docs. The only current shortcomings that bothers me (slightly) is that bi-directional sync isn't automatic, and downloaded documents aren't stored in categories.
For private memos, I'm using SplashID for Android which has Android and PC components. They sync bidirectionally over wifi. Data is encrypted and can only be accessed via password. I've found this to actually be better than the private memos on Palm.

MyBackup Pro is working out well for me. (And for the "complete" solution, nandroid guarantees I can revert to a good state.)

Power Search (in the Market) will search not only your calendar but your contacts, Note Everything notes, and more.

Astro has been mentioned plenty of times for a file manager and more.

iSilo is definitely worth the money to me. I couldn't live without it on Palm and I was so happy to find it for Android. Simple kicks any other reference reader for speed and flexibility. And with the free iSiloX for personal document creation, it's just perfect for me.

Let me reiterate: MobileWrite for Android (available in the Market) does handwriting recognition in any app -- basically it's a "keyboard" replacement. When the device asks for INPUT METHOD, you choose MobileWrite instead of Android Keyboard.
And it allows you to choose between Palm's old Graffiti1 and Graffiti2 recognition.
I am not affiliated with MobileWrite in any way. I know handwriting recognition was the thing I missed when I gave up my Treo. MobileWrite (which I had on my Treo), is identical and made me 100% more comfortable with my Droid.

Swype is hands-down the beat app on Android. Maybe someday it'll get out of beta.

Coby Kyros 7015 Folders on SDcard
Hi guys,
By default, my Coby does'nt see the folders on my SDcard, it only sees on NAND folder !
For example with ALDIKO, I had to put my epubs on nandeBooks/import for it to see them !
Now with music it's the same thing, I have to put my mp3's on nandMusic/ !!
Can somebody tell me what to do to make it see my folders on my SDcard please ?
By the way, on FileManager, i see everything on my SDcard.

on the SD card make a music folder on the root directory (case sensitive) Dump your tunes there.
The music player that came with the Coby and RealPlayer see the MP3 files on the SD Card on my unit.

I use mp3 wizard and it created a folder and saves mp3s there and the kyros reads it fine

just loaded some pics to the SD Card. You have to demount the USB port and then the Coby will prepare the card or I guess scan it and all your files should then be ready.
So demount and remove USB cable.

With Aldiko I believe you make a root folder on the SD card called eBooks and place the epub files there.

For ebooks I would suggest Ireader app. Ireader finds all my ebooks on ad card and reads several formats including txt.

Try naming the SD folder: my_music
This works perfectly for the default music player... I'm thinking my_pictures
might work for the pics.

I believe that the Kyros partitions the internal memory into two parts - one for the internal memory and one that they call the "SD Card", so when you are in a File manager the "SD Card" is showing the contents of the internal storage. To see your external SD card in the ES File Manager, go to the Home directory, and look for a folder called extsd. This should show the contents of your removable SD card.

I'm not sure if folks are figuring this out or not, but I thought I would reply anyway. I also was not seeing the contents of my micro sd card, although, like Dave, the settings were telling me that the card was mounted. When I went into the stock "ES File Explorer", it defaults to sdcard which it apparently considers to be "Home". I touched the SD Card icon which simply takes it to the 'root' level, it looks like, and there is a folder called "extsd". I touched that folder and there were the contents of my micro sd card and I could view pictures and play music. I didn't have a single video on it to try.

i was able to access my thumbdrives data from the udisk folder..

The full size usb connector is the short cable that came with the device.
This is a Lithium-ion polymer battery.
Your mileage will vary on the sdcard thing. I'm pretty sure 16 is max but if you own a 32... slap it in there.
L_n already pointed out the connector thing. Its actually pretty cool. Plug in the connector and plug a keyboard into that. You'll be impressed.

I'm using Adobe. I just went to
Adobe - Adobe Reader download - All versions
Android X English for Android
then [Download now]
Use the USB to copy it to the MID7015 to nand if you don't have an SD card or to sdcard if you do.
Then use a file browser like FileBrowser by Jimmy Wahlberg - go to the file and click to open it. When it asks install? say Yes. Done.
Adobe's version is fine. It's faster and nicer than PDF Viewer, which I then uninstalled.

But still this MID7015 seems very slow compared to my three core desktop PC. - 1 core at 800 MHz vs. 3 cores at 2.8 GHz - not a fair comparison.
I didn't try downloading it on the MID7015 - I guess I could have - I just tested it - works but now I have to find where the download was stored.

I found out how to access a mounted USB thumb drive.
The files mount in the SCSI directory off of on the device.
You'll need an application like Astro or ES File Manager to get there.
Using the USB hot adapter, hook up your thumb-drive/flash-drive.
In ES File Explorer, there will be a status bar with tabs on the top of the display. It should have a down-arrow with "Local" on the first tab, and the second tab will generally have a picture of a tablet with "sdcard" next to it.
Below that you should see a panel of icons, and the first one should look like an SD card. Touch this icon. The tab that displayed sdcard will now display /
Browse through the icons, and you'll find a folder called "scsi".
Click it. The tab will now display scsi instead of /
The contents of your Thumb Drive will now be visible in this folder.
I do not know how to safely unmount the thumb drive yet. I'm still researching that. I'll update when I find out how, if it is possible at all.
If you're not very comfortable with navigating file systems, you should be very careful traveling around the file-system of your Android tablet - especially if you've previously rooted the device. You can brick the device.

MyBackup Pro
PDF Viewer
FileBrowser by Jimmy Wahlberg
Ireader app. Ireader finds all my ebooks
MobileWrite for Android
Calendar Pad
Docs to Go

Swype forum - aikidave@gmail.com, aikido905495 Swype tutorials

Re: Welcome to the KYROS Internet Tablet Forum @ tablet-zone.team-talk.net

Post on Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:51 am by outreach
Like most posters here, I'm no expert. Pretty comfortable now with how the tablet works normally, but never tried the reset button or any adb push stuff. The tablet is a Kyros 7015a that has Market and Superuser. It was like that when I got it (slightly used). I asked the guy I bought it from if he had "rooted" it, and he said no. So it may have been like that from the factory.

I finally realized that there was a short mini USB to regular USB cable in the box! I'd been searching for one in the net and never came up with one. So I mounted a thumb drive and saw the files there under SCSI directory. I always thought you needed to unmount to remove, but didn't find a way to do that. Just unplugged it. Is there an unmount choice somewhere that lets you "safely remove"?

Hitting the SDCARD button on ES filemanager shows the NAND, have to go to /SDCARD to see the card slot. And I've read that in the newer OS versions (the Chinese OEM?) that the SD slot is TF, which would be less confusing, maybe.

I haven't tried connecting my mp3/camera/radio thing up with the newfound cable (and another standard mini to regular USB cable), I guess a mini to mini would be best for that. But it should be possible, right? I can always just use micro sd to tranfer files, and have done that.

I found a nice bag to hold my Dell Mini9 and the Kyros and the mp3 combo thing. Not a hard drive in any of them, cool! I also found a charger (for a phone, I think) that has the right plug and 5volts +pin for the car, haven't tried it yet. But it should work, it puts out the right voltage and polarity.

I posted elsewhere that I'm kinda waiting for the best release with the easiest install method for the Kyros as it really works fine the way it is. But who doesn't want better perfomance with a later OS? Just don't want to have too many problems (like days of being without my new toy, wondering if it'll ever boot again).

So no hurry, but please give us a simple update. 12 steps makes me think I have an addiction, hehe. I guess we all do or we wouldn't be here.

Thanks for your wonderful help so far, and recognising the potential of this little tab. Wish it had a GPS chip inside.

Tipstir's collection is a 282 app package. It is worth downloading. It is free and paid apps.

Your apps are in the internal drive under systemapps
There are apps that will do the transfer of the apps for you, depending what os version you're on.

In android the apps are kept in the folder /proc (that in in the internal memory). The folders with the numbers are in fact your apps. In every folder there is the downloaded file (.apk) and the installed app.
If you want to save and keep on the SD card the .apk files of your favourite application, use APKoptic.

Catch is a service to store data online and has an app which runs on the tablet.
One recent reviewer said it crashed his tablet.

App2SD app on Amazon

Update-my Kyros is fixed. It appears the charger died, not the battery. I bought a replacement battery and sent everything to a friend of mine who was going to replace it but he plugged his charger in and it worked just fine. If anyone else has this issue, buy a new charger-if you can't find one, buy a charger for the 1st Generation Amazon Kindle-it's identical!


Apple iPad


Notion Ink Adam

Adam features




Aug 10 review


WePad - made in Germany





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