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Origins of TP words

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 13 years, 2 months ago

a: ah, ha

akesi: lizard

ala: no, not

ale, ali: all

anpa: down

ante: other

anu: or

awen: hold

en: and

esun: at market, store

ijo: thing

ike: bad - Finnish

ilo: tool

insa: inside

jaki: yucky

jan: person

jelo: yellow, light green

jo: to have

kala: fish - Finnish

kalama: fuss, noise

kama: come up

kasi: plant - Finnish

ken: can

kepeken: use

kili: fruit

kin: even, any - Finnish

kiwen: stone - Finnish

ko: fat, ointment

kon: air

kule: colour

kute: listen

kulupu: group

la: the - separator

lape: sleep

laso: sky, blue-green

lawa: head

len: linens

lete: cold

li: he - separator

lili: small

linja: line - Finnish

lipu: banner, flag - Finnish

loje: red

lon: at

luka: hand, arm

lukin: look

lupa: hole

ma: land - Finnish

mama: mother

mani: money

meli: Mary

mi: me

mije: man - Finnish

moku: munch, eat

moli: die, mortal

monsi: my ass

mu: moo!

mun: moon

musi: to amuze

mute: many

nanpa: number

nasa: ??

nasin: manner

nena: nose

ni: this

nimi: name

noka: leg

o: O hey!

oko: eye

olin: I love

ona: she

open: open

pakala: bugger up

pali: to do, to make

palisa: stick

pan: rice, bread

pana: to give

pi: belong

pilin: feel 'em, feeling

pimeja: dark

pini: finish

pipi: ladybug (slang)

poka: side, flank

poki: box

pona: good

sama: same

seli: hot

selo: skin, peel

seme: what

sewi: up

sijelo: body, flesh

sike: circle

sin: new

sina: thou

sinpin: front

sitelen: picture, paint, portray

sona: to know

soweli: animal

suli: big

suno: sun

supa: surface

suwi: sweet

tan: from

taso: that's all

tawa: towards

telo: some water

tenpo: time

toki: talk

tomo: house

tu: two

unpa: ??

uta: mouth

utala: beat, strike

walo: light, white

wan: one

waso: bird

wawa: strong

weka: way, path, away

wile: be willing

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