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25 Jan 10 aikido

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 14 years, 1 month ago

Dave Farrell

Yokomen uchi hitoe iriminage - step back tenshini and take uke's ballance to the side; nage can use both hands to unbalance uke. Throw uke along the initial line of motion.


Yokomen uchi choke - like hitoe iriminage but your near arm passes over uke's neck.


Yokomen uchi shihonage o & u


Yokomen uchi aiki otoshi - throw to side or rear; no step after throw


Yokomen uchi uki otoshi - front of nage's hip on uke's belt. nage lifts hip up and steps back with that foot. Similar motion to aiki otoshi.

Dave Halprin


Body moves from hip movement/turning; arms move vertically in front of nage.


3 parts to every technique: entering (getting out of way), taking uke's balance/leading him, throwing. The first, entering, is the most important. Get into a safe position behind uke, or out of range.


Nage's body should be relaxed the whole time, except for the throw (exhale as you throw).

Nage should not hold uke tightly, except for the throw.


If uke resists when doing irimi nage, step back and do ura version of irimi nage.

23 Feb - ushiro katatori


ushiro atemi - step back with front foot. After foot is on ground, drive elbow back close to nage's body (not an wide arc) . This should make uke move. Now raise your elbow under uke's arm, to raise his arm.


ushiro katatori ikkyo - step back again with other foot, atemi to uke's face, nage should be squatting lower than uke


ushiro katatori irimi nage - don't move your feet; lead uke's arm down and then quickly bring your arm up in front (under) uke's head, doing irimi nage. This is a quick hard fall.


ushiro katatori aikiotoshi - step back and do aikiotoshi


ushiro katatori koshinage - after you step back and strike with your left elbow, move your right arm back and put uke on your right hip; don't move your right foot back.


Stepping forward instead of back - you end in same position

2 March 2010


katatetori taiotoshi 4 ways - irimi, tenkan, step in front of uke and tenkan throwing in direction uke is facing (atemi when entering), step back tenshin - then throw uke to side, stepping to side with fwd foot.


katatetori sumiotoshi - step to side with left foot, grab uke's rt sleeve with your rt hand, kneel down on your left knee to do throw, for pin put your rt knee on ground and raise your left knee, push uke around and over onto his stomoach with your rt knee, do nikkyo pin





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