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wiki stuff

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Test of identities.


Use of Big tags

My name is Dave


My PBwikis


Wiki on a stick


New PBwiki forums


No Sidebar template

My spreadsheet

Info on spreadsheet plugin



Zoho free wiki


Wiki Land

Using PBwiki on Palm OS device.




The official PBwiki Blog

Voice chat on PBwiki

Tool to convert between PBwiki ver 1 and 2

New PBwiki FAQs

Wiki presentations

Wiki presentations

PBwiki for everyone to show how to do certain things.

Domino wiki

Domino wiki in action


Good explanation of identities

New PBwiki forum

New PBwiki 2 version

PBwiki Works User Manual

PBwiki tip of the week

PBwiki office IM view

PBwiki widgets are awesome

Cloud widget for tagging pages



PBwiki CSS site


Daves Public WYSIWYG test wiki


Public WYSIWYG test wiki


Public test wiki


IP addresses for spammers



Multi line cells

Read Me First


PBwiki Userguide


Ideas for wiki in education


Purpose of this wiki

Simulating locked pages



PBwiki hacks

Trace route

Promote your wiki at http://dmoz.org/


Getleft site download


wikis for education

Embedding a forum in a wiki page.




Presentation for using wiki at work


Other wiki engines


Graphics formats

Interesting PBwiki sites

Social studies wiki for 7th and 8th graders

Search for PBwiki sites

GTK for Squeak

Red Swoosh







Imbedded Google maps

Use of Next and Back links in table format


Education class site

Wiki Project Management Demo

Educational wiki


game of Go

Wiki Ed

East Wikkers


Wiki - General

Tiddly wiki contains whole wiki in one file. Runs in any browser without a sever.


Wiki calc

Using wiki in education

Guest book

Basic CSS tutorial

Photo editing

Instiki wiki mailing list




Swiki download

Emotion icons


  • Wiki comes from some very simple design parameters: easy to edit and fast to search.
  • A wiki is just not a repository of huge pages where all classifications are mixed up. The idea of a wiki is precisely to divide your information into pages so it is clearer!
  • Wiki syntax is created for humans.



the phrase "embrace change" comes from Extreme Programming principles, practices and methods


Working on seedwiki has revealed certain principles that we have come to accept.


  • the computer screen should be as much as possible the contributor's space rather than the hosting company's space
  • our job as hosts is to remove any unnecessary features more than it is to add new features
  • there is no "typical" use for a wiki, or any set of "typcial" users. wikis are so flexible that they and their contributors cannot be grouped together into any one set of ideas about what is, or might be, going on
  • its best to start with as little structure as possible and only add more structure when it proves to be needed
  • even when you try, you often put too much structure in at the start of a project and can profit by removing some of it later


ken tyler 4/25/2006



To delete items from SGB guestbook, login, go to Visitors tab and click on X next to their post.


Super Sekrit Stuff


Collating pages



Adding your wiki to Google

At one point, PBwiki was dropped from the Google index because of the number of spam wikis. I don't know whether we're getting crawled by Googlebot yet or not. I had to add my wiki myself. Visit http://www.google.com/addurl/ and manually add your wiki; this worked for me.


PBwiki hints


if it is internal link (link from within your pbwiki site), "f/Melora.jpg" is enough :

This is an alternative using the wiki links []

The | symbol separates the actual link from the descriptive label. 

[Poetry|<img src=f/Melora.jpg>]


Table of contents - notice that there's always the <toc!> and <toc!!> filters, which make tocs with only the top level heading and the top two headings, respectively. 

Use a world wide web search engine that has an "advanced search" feature that allows you to restrict your searches to the domain "pbwiki.com".


For example, I went to http://clusty.com to search PBwiki for the word "fiction", and I received these results. Several other search engines, like http://www.google.com and http://search.yahoo.com also have this advanced search feature.


--Kernigh http://kernigh.pbwiki.com


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