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Ushiro Tekubitori

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 12 months ago
  • kotegaeshi
  • shihonage
  • ikkyo
  • sankyo
  • iriminage
  • jujinage
  • hitoe iriminage
  • twist & stretch
  • koshinage
  • kaitenage
  • fwd projection


Iriminage - step fwd to bring uke around. Your fwd arm cuts up behind his arm that is holding you and you step behind uke, tenkan and bring his head to your shoulder and then do irimi nage


Kaiten nage - your left foot is fwd and uke is behind you. Step back with left foot to your rt rear and cut down on uke's rt arm with your left hand. Your rt hand moves to the back of uke's head. Your left hand grabs uke's rt wrist. Step fwd and do kaiten nage.


ushiro katate tori shihonage - uke grabs nage's rt hand and then moves behind. Nage steps back with rt foot and drives his rt elbow into uke. Curl hands upwards and step back with your left foot and turn to your left, grabbing uke's left wrist and drawing him off balance. From here:

omote: step fwd under uke's arm with your rt foot and complete shihonage

ura: tenkan on your rt foot and complete shihonage



ushiro kata tori headlock throw - from left hanmi with uke behind you, step back with left foot to your right rear. Your left arm grabs uke's left arm and pull him toward you. Kneel down on your left knee. Bring uke's head to your chest and your left hand goes behind uke's neck and then your right hand goes behiind his neck. Step back with your right knee and bring uke's head with you on your chest. This will throw him. You end up kneeling on both knees.


ushiro kubishime aikiotosh - step out to open side where ukes hand is. Turn toward uke and pull him on your hip and throw. Keep your held hand low.


ushiro kubishime ikkyo - raise your held hand, turn toward uke, and do ikkyo


ushiro kubishime sankyo


ushiro kubishime drop to one knee and throw, dropping very low


ushiro katatatori hitoe iriminage - keep outside hand low.


1 Forward projection

2 Juji nage

3 Koshi nage

4 Sankyo into kaiten nage

5 Kokyo ho (between arms)

6 Kote gaeshi

7 Shiho nage

8 'Twist' nage

9 Irimi nage



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