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Ushiro Kubishime

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Ushiro kubishime hiji domo - uke holds your rt hand with his rt and chokes you with his left. Extend down thru your rt elbow and bring your rt hand to your center, palm up. Raise your rt hand up your center, turning your hand palm down so you are pushing against uke's thumb; his thumb cannot possibly hold you. Bring your rt hand over your head (not just to your shoulders). Pin uke's left elbow gently with your left hand as you step forward and to your left side with your rt foot. This will stretch uke out backwards and cause him to fall.

At the start of ushiro, nage holds his arm out towards uke; if you stay in this relative position, uke cannot get behind you. Instead uke has to cut your extended arm down so he can move in behind you. When some one holds your hands behind you, he tries to pull your hands backwards. To counter this, nage takes a big step back with the leg whose same side hand is being held.

Sensei also did ushiro kubishime sankyo from motion, basically the same as above. Kanai 9/24/97

You can also do hiji domo by stepping back with your fwd left foot to your right side; this is easier.


Ushiro kubishime jujinage - Your rt hand is grabbed. In all of these ushiros, your hand should never move behind your hip; if it does you have to move your hip back to "get" your hand. Bring your rt hand up your center to shoulder level. Step back with your fwd left foot. Grab uke's left wrist with your left hand, thumb down. Bring his left hand upwards which will lock his rt arm in his left elbow. Now you can grab his rt wrist with your rt hand. Keep his rt hand/arm low from this point on as you throw him.


Ushiro kubishime udikeminage (gayakute nage) - your rt wrist is held. Bring your rt hand up your center to shoulder level. Step back with your fwd left foot. Bring your rt hand over to your left side. Your left arm is now palm up under uke's left shoulder. Turn your hips to your rt to bring uke more to the front of you, breaking his balance. Then surge your hips to your left and bring your left hand/arm palm down, throwing uke.


Ushiro kubishime sankyo - uke grabs your rt wrist. Bring your rt hand up your center to shoulder height and step back with your fwd left foot; don't wory about the choke - it will take care of itself. After you step back you are facing uke and can apply sankyo to his rt hand.


Ushiro kubishime kokyunage (arm lead) - your rt wrist is held. As uke grabs, lead your rt hand up your center and over your left shoulder, throwing uke. Your feet never move on this technique, just your hips. Dave Halprin says to let your rt wrist come down and bounce off your right thigh and then bounce back up again.


Ushiro kubishime koshinage -

3 ways

1st: if rt wrist is grabbed, raise that arm up over your head and do koshinage with uke still holding the wrist. Your left arm should be extended upwards also as you throw.

2nd: sankyo; rt wrist grabbed, raise rt arm and grab uke's hand with a sankyo grip with your left hand. Your left arm continues upwards and leads uke over your hip.

3rd: koshinage - after you step back, don't move your feet. You are in left hanmi. Move your left hip back and load uke up on your left hip, placing your left arm around uke's back. Bring your right arm up and over your head as you throw.


ushiro kubishime aikiotosh - step out to open side where ukes hand is. Turn toward uke and pull him on your hip and throw. Keep your held hand low.


Ushiro kubishime ikkyo - raise your held hand, turn toward uke, and do ikkyo


Ushiro kubishime - drop to one knee and throw, dropping very low

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