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  • Hajiki goshi - Irimi to uke's rt side, getting out of the way of the punch. Place your left palm on the inner side of uke's elbow. Your rt hand goes over uke's left shoulder. Bring uke's arm down and then up with your left hand as you tenkan on your left foot. As you tenkan, you bring uke around with your rt hand on his shoulder. Then you throw, pushing uke off your fwd left hip. You throw him in the original direction he was moving. Your left hand moves from palm down to palm up as you bring uke's arm down and then up.


  • Hajiki goshi (variant) - tenkan and grab uke's gi at his elbow. Pivot 180 degrees (no step) and bring uke's arm over your head. Your free arm goes under uke's shoulder. You grab uke's upper arm with you bicep and bring him around in front of you. Then slide fwd and throw uke.


  • Hajiki goshi (variant 2) - From left hanmi, irimi to uke's right side; your left hand is palm up under his right wrist. Atemi to uke's face with your right hand. Tenkan on your right foot, in front of uke and place your right arm under uke's right bicep. Finish your tenkan and throw uke in his original direction.


  • Koho nage - irimi behind uke. Both hands go to uke's shoulders. Step back and drop your hands to throw uke. Make sure you step to the side so uke doesn't land on top of you.


  • Kokyu nage - tenkan and grab uke's sleeve at the elbow. Continue his motion forward and put as much of your hip / torso against him as possible when you throw. This can also be done dropping to both knees at the end. If done this way, just do a 1/2 tenkan with your leg, so your feet are side by side. Keep his arm extended downwards.


  • Irimi nage
    • tenshin - step back tensin with your left foot and lead uke's rt hand down and back to uke's left side with the knife edge of your rt hand, use the palm of your rt hand (thumb up) to guide uke's elbow back toward him. Slide in with your rt foot pushing uke's elbow in front of you. Push his elbow far enough so it turns his body away from you (otherwise he may be able to hit you with his free hand). Grab his near left shoulder with your left hand. Plant your rt foot and tenkan on it. Do irimi nage, cutting down uke's head with your arm like a sword
    • irimi - throw uke back where he came from; place your hand fingers up on his elbow.
    • irimi - tenkan and throw


  • Nikkyo
    • omote: step back with front foot tenshin and then bring uke's hand to your shoulder
    • ura: step back with front foot, bring uke's hand to your shoulder and then step accross the line of attack, so you are in ura position with one foot fwd.


  • saoe otoshi -
    • Tenshin - From left hanmi, step back with left foot tenshin and grab top of uke's rt hand with your rt. Grab his rt hand with your left and atemi to his face with your rt hand. Your rt hand then moves to his rt shoulder (or elbow0 and you keep both your arms extended. Bring your rear left leg up to where your rt foot is (half tenkan almost). Place your rt foot in front of uke's rt leg (to the outside of his leg). Extend uke out and down with your extended arms, as you turn to your left and kneel down on your rt knee. Your rt calf is sweeping uke's rt leg. You end up facing 90 degrees to direction of the throw. (Tenkan on your rt foot in front of uke. Keep your arms extended. Now move your rt foot in front of and outside of uke's rt foot. Turn to your left and drop down on your rt knee. This will throw uke in front of you. I had trouble doing this in one motion: putting my rt foot ourside of uke's rt foot and tenkaning, so I do the tenkan first and then step outside.)
    • Irimi - From left hanmi, irimi (not too deeply) to uke's rt side and grab uke's elbow with nage's left hand. Raise uke's rt arm and atemi to uke's face with right hand. Step in front of uke with your right foot and place your right hand on uke's rt shoulder. Try to raise uke's shoulder up with your right arm. Tenkan on your right foot and throw saoe otoshi, kneeling down on your right knee.


  • kotegaeshi
    • tenkan
    • tenshin
    • irimi to side


  • kaza garuma (windmill throw) - uke strikes with rt: irimi on left foot, your rt hand makes a big circle on the outside of uke's tsuki (you should be elbow to elbow, as your arm comes down turn your hips 180 degrees leading his arm up. Then reverse your hips back to the front and bring you arm down in b ig circle, kneel down on back knee, throwing uke


  • ukiotoshi (floating drop or elbow pull) - irimi to uke's side, deflect his arm and place your palm on his elbow, grabbing his gi. If you have moved to his right side, your left hand is on his rt elbow. Push his elbow across his body as you slide your rt foot across the line to uke's left side. Now step back with your left foot, pull his elbow and push on uke's left hip to throw. Kneel down on your rt knee. Bring your left foot back so you are at 90 degrees to line of attack.


  • sumi otoshi ?? - nage in left hanmi. Step back tenshin with left foot and grab uke's wrist from underneath with your right hand. Twist hips to your right, unbalancing uke. Change hands, grabbing uke's wrist with your left hand as you step under ukes arm with your left leg. Turn to your right so you are facing uke and place your right hand under uke's shoulder, grabbing his shoulder. Move your hips backwards and kneel down on your left knee; this motion will throw uke. There is no turning your hips at the end, just shifting your center backwards and down.


  • Hiji hiki otoshi - irimi and control uke's elbow; atemi to uke's face; push uke's elbow across line low, raise uke's arm and step back to throw uke


  • Maki otoshi


  • Kaiten nage


  • Shihonage


  • Okuri iriminage - baseball slide


  • Tsuki with tanto - Turn hips to side and grab uke's hand. Your rear foot steps back and then you tenkan on it.


Remember tsuki is just a very fast katate tori.






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