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TP single word definitions

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 12 years, 6 months ago


a [exclamation],

akesi: reptile,

ala: not,

ale/ali: all,

anpa: bottom,

ante: other,

anu: or,

awen: stay,

e [direct object],

en: and (nouns),

ijo: thing,

ike: bad,

ilo: tool,

insa: inside,

jaki: dirt,

jan: person,

jelo: yellow,

jo: have,

kala: fish,

kalama: sound,

kama: come,

kasi: plant,

ken: can/may,

kepeken: use,

kili: fruit,

kin: also,

kiwen: hard (rock),

ko: semi-solid,

kon: air,

kule: color,

kute: hear,

kulupu: group,

la [condition],

lape: sleep,

laso: blue,

lawa: head,

len: cloth,

lete: cold,

li [begin pred],

lili: small,


lipu: sheet,

loje: red,

lon: present (at),

luka: arm,

lukin: see,

lupa: hole,

ma: land,

mama: parent,

mani: money,

meli: female,

mi: I,

mije: male,

moku: feed,

moli: die,

monsi: rear,

mu [animal sound],

mun: moon,

musi: fun,


nanpa: number,

nasa: crazy,

nasin: way,

nena: bump,

ni: this,

nimi: word,

noka: leg,

o [vocative/imperative],

oko: eye,

olin: love,

ona [third person],

open: open,

pakala: error,

pali: do,

palisa: long hard thing,

pana: give,

pi [right grouping],

pilin: feel,

pimeja: dark,

pini: end,

pipi: insect,

poka: side,

poki: box,

pona: good,

sama: same,

seli: heat,

selo: surface,

seme: what?,

sewi: high,

sijelo: body,

sike, circle,

sin: new,

sina: you,

sinpin: front,

sitelen: write,

sona: know,

soweli: animal,

suli: big,

suno: sun,

supa: horizontal surface,

suwi: sweet,

tan: origin,

taso: only,

tawa: move,

telo: liquid,

tenpo: time,

toki: talk,

tomo: building,

tu: two,

unpa: sex,

uta: mouth,


walo: white,

wan: one,

waso: bird,

wawa: power,

weka: away,

wile: want.

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