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TP  in 76 lessons

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TP in 76 lessons English file

Ch 0

All the letters of TP


Ch 1

first words

eat food


Ch 2

simple sentence

algo  - something

chido - cool (Mexican word only)

comer - eat


Ch 3

2nd simple sentence

subject different from mi or sina

comida - food


Ch 4

direct object receives the action and is preceded by e


Ch 5

more words


cosa - thing


Ch 6

fix title adjectives and adverbs


Ch 7

mean nothing by themselves but they give structure to the sentence

is to indicate that what goes before is subject

when the subject is mi or sina the li is understood (and not used)

e on the other hand usually indicates that what comes before is the verb and what goes after is what receives the action

Ch 8


no time (there are no tenses)

I am good. I was good, I  will be good

You eat, you ate, you will eat

The bug dies (is dead), died, will die


Ch 9


Ch 10


Ch 11

compound words

arma - gun

Ch 12



Ch 13

Compound sentences

one subject with multiple verbs

algo = something

(person other than mi or sina)

you are big and bad

he is good, big and crazy

the sun is big and good

the insect eats fruit and has sex

the fool has a gun and killed the child


Ch 18

Wile can be used as either a verb or with another verb

I wish to eat

I want food

I wish to drink water. (I am thirsty)


He wants that very much

He wishes to have a house

I wish to see you very much 

Crazy people wish to die


Ch 19

more about adjectives and adverbs

the meaning of compound words is obtained by grouping from left to right

the order is important


a soldier

a good soldier

many good soldiers

this good soldier


a fighting friend


I look good

I am good looking


Ch 20 more words

musi  - fun

sona - knowledge, to know, to understand

toki - speak, read, talk, language

ma - field, country, open space

sewi - high, holy, heaven, above

len - clothing

meli - woman

mije - man


Ch 21 lon

lon as a verb means "to be present", "to be there"


I am present, I exist, I'm alive

there are many people


as a preposition means "in"


the sun is in the sky

the children are in the school

it is fun in the field

I would like to die at sea

Questions on following chapters


removed kan = with and replaced with poka



ante la = otherwise


74 & 75


fix the 'n' font for tenpo on 73, 74 & 75


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