The ideal portable computer

This is a place for some thoughts on what would make an ideal portable computer. I say portable and not just laptop because of the handheld devices present today.


A good portable should have


Hand helds have come a long way, but screen size is still too small, even with VGA displays.


Tablets are a great idea, but still very expensive.


Laptops are full of boated OS (Windoze) and overpriced.

Well it might finally be here. The screen is not as good as OLPC (can't read it outdoors) and the battery life is only 3 hours, but the rest of the specs look comperable. Check out the Asus 3e laptop for $200.


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Two Eee PC 701 models will make their way to the U.S. at the end of September priced at $269 and $369. Both models will feature a 7-inch display, 512MB of DDR2 memory, a four-cell battery, and a flash hard drive. The higher-end unit doubles the capacity of the solid state drive to 4GB, which previously was thought to be the smallest drive offered. You'll have your choice of a white or a black case, and you'll be able to upgrade to a larger 6-cell battery.


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Or this $150 Linux laptop