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Test Requirements

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The US Aikido Federation Kyu promotion test requirements


The test requirements are at the discretion of the individual conducting the test. Below are the minimum requirements to be tested.


5th Kyu (80 days)


1.Shomenuchi Ikkyo (omote & ura)

2.Shomenuchi Iriminage

3.Katatetori Shihonage (omote & ura)

4. Ryotetori Tenchinage

5.Tsuki Kotegaeshi

6.Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi

7.Morotetori Kokyuho


4th Kyu (100 days)


1.Shomenuchi Nikkyo (omote & ura)

2.Yokomenuchi Shihonage (omote & ura)

3.Tsuki Iriminage

4.Ushiro Tekubi Sankyo (omote & ura)

5.Ushiro Ryokatatori Kotegaeshi

6.Suwari Waza: Shomenuchi Ikkyo

7.Katatori Nikkyo

8.Katatori Sankyo


3rd Kyu (125 days)


1.Yokomenuchi Iriminage (2 ways)

2.Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi

3.Tsuki Kaitennage

4.Ushiro Ryokatatori Sankyo (omote & ura)

5.Morotetori Iriminage (2 ways)

6.Shomenuchi Sankyo (omote & ura)

7.Suwari Waza: Shomenuchi Iriminage

8.Shomenuchi Nikkyo (omote & ura)

9.Hanmi-Handachi: Katatetori Shihonage

10.Katatetori Kaitennage (uchi & soto mawari*)


2nd kyu (150 days)


1.Shomenuchi Shihonage

2.Shomenuchi Kaitennage

3.Yokomenuchi Gokyo

4.Ushiro Tekubitori Shihonage

5.Ushiro Tekubitori Jujinage

6.Ushiro Kubishime Koshinage

7.Morotetori Nikkyo

8.Hanmi-Handachi: Shomenuchi Iriminage

9.Katatetori Nikkyo

10.Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi

11.Freestyle-2 persons


1st Kyu (200 days)


1.Katatori Menuchi-5 techniques

2.Yokomenuchi- 5 techniques

3.Morotetori- 5 techniques

4.Shomenuchi- 5 techniques

5.Ryotetori- 5 techniques

6.Koshinage- 5 techniques


8.Hanmi-Handachi (Ushiro Waza- 5 techniques)

9.Freestyle-3 persons


Sho-Dan (300 days)

1.All of 1st Kyu requirements




5.Freestyle- 4 persons



1.Attend 2 seminars per year after Sho-Dan

2.All of Sho-Dan requirements

3.Tachitori- 2 techniques

4.Freestyle- 5 persons



San-Dan (700 hours)


1. Attend 2 seminars per year after Ni-Dan. Subject of exam to be determined by examiner at the time of the exam.


Note: Hour requirements are counted from the last test.


*Uchi & Soto Mawari - both inside (uchi ) and outside (soto) movements.


**Henkawaza - switching from one technique to another. Examiner will call the first technique.


*Kaeshiwaza - counter techniques. Uke applies the technique to nage. Original technique will be called by the examiner (e.g. to apply sankyo against nikkyo)


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