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Shomen uchi with bokken, uke stepping fwd with rt foot only Kokyu nage grabbing with inside hand - step in to the uke's rt side and grab handle with your left hand as you tenkan, raise the sword to head level and then cut down to throw, same on other side


Kokyu nage grabbing with outside hand (udikeme) - step in to uke's rt side and grab the handle with your rt hand palm down and place your left arm under uke's left arm, tenkan bringing the sword down and uke around in front of you, project fwd and throw


When doing this on uke's left open side, it is easier to grab the handle with your left hand palm down


Kotegaeshi to uke's rt side - step in and place your left hand over uke's rt hand and tenkan, after leading his balance fwd, step back with your left foot bringing uke around, tenkan on your rt foot and throw


Kotegaeshi to uke's open left side -


Do not focus just on bokken; look at entire uke, eyes almost out of focus

Sword defenses



  1. kokyo nage on uke's right side
  2. slide in to uke's right side and tenkan, grabbing sword between his hands and project forward
  3. slide in to uke's right side, tenkan and grabbing sword lead uke up and around; finish with reaching under his arms with my right arm and projecting forward
  4. slide into uke's right side, grab sword with right hand, place left hand around uke's head with my fingers under his chin and tenkan one turn; then twist hips back to left and throw uke
  5. kotegaeshi on nage's right side only (other side doesn't work)
  6. shihonage on uke's left side: nage's left hand cuts down over sword handle, while nage's right hand grabs uke's right wrist from underneath. Nage's left hand then grabs handle of sword and his hips are twisted to the right. Finish with regular shihonage
  7. step to uke's left side, step on his left foot and push his chin back with your left palm
  8. hitoe iriminage



  • Uke strikes your left side. Step in to your rt and grab sword handle with your rt hand. Continue uke's motion upwards and then tenkan and put your left arm under his shoulder and then throw.
  • Shiho-nage: starting as above, grab the handle with your rt (outside) hand. Cut sword into uke (twisting your hips) and grab his wrist with your left hand. Do shiho-nage. Think of pushing his hands back into his face.
  • Maki otoshi: Arm drag turning with his motion.
  • These can be done to either side



  • same first four as shomen
  • kotegaeshi from either side














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