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Self sufficiency

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Y2K, Bird Flu, Hurricane Katrina... it pays to be prepared and as self sufficient as possible. These links provide ideas and suggestions on how to prepare for emergencies.


Prepping printable info

tiny house info

vegetable gardening

Planet Fever


Bread Making

Cooking rice

Bugout bag

Canned Food Storage Tips

Example food list

2 excellent booklets on food storage and meal preparation from everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot.com

Tuna recipes

Fit For Life

Disaster supply kit

Disaster preparedness

Nuclear disaster preparations print out this guide now.

Food and supplies for long term emergencies such as hurricane or nuclear attack

Peak Oil Hubbert's Peak

Y2K Computer Bug

Fireplace heaters


Health topics

Global warming

Oil prices and what drives them

Little house up north

Homemade alcohol stove

Colloidal silver

Linda's Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry info

Elderberry info

Preps 21 Oct 08

Home canning info

Fallout shelter plans

Yahoo preparedness group Totally Ready

Preparedness blog

Predictive Linguistics

( This entire Y2K section is a Year 2000 information disclosure as defined in the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act, S 2392. )









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