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  • Hitoe iriminage - slide in to uke's side with your fwd foot and then turn 180 degrees with your near arm on top. Raise your arms, turn back into uke and lower your arms, throwing uke. The most important part is the irimi entrance and the 180 degree turn to take uke's balance.


  • Shiho nage hizatate (with pin) - do shihonage. At end drop to both knees and place uke's hand on the mat. Your body should be close to uke. Take your leg closest to uke and step over uke's body, placing your foot on the other side of uke, at his chest level. Release the shihonage and straighten uke's arm so his elbow rests on your knee.


  • Kotegaeshi - tenkan on your left foot and insert your rt hand between your left hand and uke's grabbing hand. If uke continues to hold your rt hand, reach under uke's left arm to grab his rt wrist and do kotegaeshi.


  • Surinuke kotegaeshi - Nage in left hanmi; nage raises both arms and puts his fingers upwards outside of uke's wrists, with nage's thumbs on the inside of uke's wrists. Step fwd with your rt foot to uke's rt side, passing under uke's left arm. Turn your hips to your left and step back with your left foot. Your rt hand is now in kotegaeshi position on uke's left hand.


  • Uki otoshi
    • omote - nage in left hanmi, nage moves his left leg fwd and to his left and brings his right leg in front of uke. Nage turns 90 degrees to his right and kneels down on his left knee. Nage's right arm leads uke out and down while nage's left hand pushes against uke's right hip (not her butt)
    • ura - tenkan on your fwd left foot. Step back with your left foot and then step with your left foot to your left side. Step back with your rt foot and turn to your rt, kneeling down on your left knee. Nage's right arm leads uke out and down while nage's left hand pushes against uke's right hip.


  • Uki otoshi -
    • ura - nage in rt hanmi. Nage steps fwd and to the right with his right foot. Nage raises his left hand and then moves it out and down, as he steps back with his left foot. Nage kneels down on his right knee, facing 90 degrees to his original heading. Bring your left foot up so it is in front of you (normal uki otoshi). Because nage steps behind uke with his rt foot, this is ura.
    • omote - step in front of uke with your rear left leg and do mirror image of ura above.


  • Uki otoshi - from left hanmi -
    • omote - step accross line of attack with rear right foot to 2 o'clock; you are going to uke's open side; your left hand moves uke fwd in his original direction. Turn 90 degrees to your left to face uke and kneel down on your rt knee. Throw uki otoshi.
    • ura - tenkan you your left foot. Now your left foot will slide to uke's side and that will be the knee you go down on. Step back with your right foot and throw uke; your right knee is up at end and 90 degrees to the direction you throw uke in.


  • Uchi kaiten into hajiki goshi ?? - grab uke's left forearm with your right hand as you step under his arm. After you step back with your right foot, turn away from uke and lead him forward in the direction you are facing. Put your left arm under his right shoulder, move him in front of your hip and throw.


  • Uchi kaiten nage ura - Pass under uke's arm, cut arm down, stepping back do U shaped step, tenkan and throw kaiten nage.


  • Uchi kaiten hitoe irmi nage - pass under uke's left arm uchi kaiten, and step in with your left foot. Continue to turn to your right (clockwise from above). As you step behind uke with your right leg, do hitoe iriminage.


  • Tenchinage - contact with uke at 4 points. First the 2 wrists, next shoulder to shoulder and then at the end hip to hip when you throw.


  • Tenchinage (tenshin) - step back with fwd foot and then do tenchinage


  • Tenchinage take elbow - your upper hand pushes inside uke's elbow and throw


    • Ogoshi - try to get uke's elbow as above; you miss it so put your arm around uke's head, step in front of him and do hip throw


  • hikite hajiki goshi (hand pull = hikite) - grab uke's fingers with your hands; tenkan; the side you tenkan on that arm goes down and the other arm goes high (you can even touch your head with your hand). The lower arm stops uke's motion and the upper arm brings uke around in front of you. Make uke take a step, when he steps, then you throw off the front of your hip. Push fwd with your hip and as much as that side of your body against uke as possible (make the most body contact). If you get it just right, you can bend uke's fingers back just before you push and uke will feel it in his shoulders.
    • variation of above - from left hanmi, tenkan and put your left arm under uke's left arm, make him take a step and then thrown


  • Makiotoshi
    • tenkan - from left hanmi, tenkan on your left foot, bring your extended left arm under uke's left arm, continue to twist and drop to your left knee to throw uke
    • tenshin - from left hanmi, step back tenshin with your left leg and then tenkan on your right foot. Do makiotoshi.


  • Kokyu nage soto - from left hanmi bring your hands upwards on the outside of uke's wrists and raise your arms, tenkan on your left foot keeping extension on uke's arms; project your arms forward to throw uke; Cut down with your left hand on top. It should feel like you are striking your wrists together. Make contact with uke's body with your side as you throw.


  • kokyu nage - tenkan on your left foot. Lead uke around, then step back with your left leg and with rowing motion, throw uke past you.


  • hizatate shihonage - after you throw uke, move to his side and strike to uke's face with your free hand. With your other hand strike uke's elbow. Crank his elbow over so uke is on his stomach and pin.
    • Alternate pin - step accross uke's stomach with your lower leg; unfurl uke's arm that you did shihonage on and with your other hand press on the side of uke's jaw.


  • hajiki goshi (flicking hip throw off front of hip) - Step back tenshin with left foot and pivot 180 degrees to your left. Continue leading uke fwd and put your right arm under uke's right upper arm. Step fwd with your right leg to throw uke further.


  • Hajiki goshi - from left hanmi, irimi with left foot and extend your left hand upwards into uke's rt elbow, nage's left hand goes up and outside of uke's arm and then grabs uke's forearm. Your rt hand extends uke's left arm outwards, with your rt knife blade against his wrist. Tenkan on your left leg and lead uke around with your rt hand. Slide forward and throw uke off the front of your hip.
    • variation - Tenkan on left foot and move your left hand up under uke's rt shoulder (elbow). As you tenkan raise uke's elbow and throw in direction he was facing.


  • ryotetori ude maki hajiki goshi - left hanmi, slide in with left foot and tenkan, nage's left arm goes under uke's left arm, throw uke in direction he was initially facing


  • ryotetori ude maki makiotoshi - left hanmi, tenkan on left foot, grab uke's left wrist with your right hand, nage puts his left arm under uke's left arm, after tenkan pivot 180 degrees and kneel down on your left knee


  • kata hiki otoshi


  • seiotoshi - nage wants to move uke vertically down. So nage's arm holding uke's shoulder is straight up in the air, but still in front of nage. Don't let your arm pass behind the plane of your shoulder; this is dangerous to nage - dislocated shoulder.


  • ryotetori ?garume? - irimi slightly with your fwd rt foot. Raise your left hand on the inside of uke's wrist and turn your hips 180 degrees to your left, pushing with your rt hand on uke's arm or hip.


  • ryotetori tenshin nikkyo -- step back with fwd rt foot, grabbing under uke's wrist with your rt hand. Bring uke all the way around so he turns 180 degrees. Apply nikkyo. This is Yamada style.


  • Ryotedori soto kaiten kokyu nage - raise both your hands up on the outside of uke's wrists. Irimi and then tenkan on the side of your leading foot. Cross your wrists and touch (bang) them together at the end. Make contact with uke's body with your side as you throw.


  • uchi kaiten - Slide fwd with your left foot and raise your left arm. Keep your rt hand on the small of your back and keep it relaxed. Step under uke's rt arm with your rt foot and pivot 180 degrees to your left. Make sure you keep contact with uke's body with the left side of your body. (In case uke lets go, you can step thru his body and throw). Project fwd with your left arm and step (slide) thru uke's body to throw.


  • soto kaiten - raise both arms with your hands rolling outside of uke's wrists. Slide in with your left foot and tenkan on your left foot. Just leave your hands where they end up; there is no special motion you do. Your rt hand will be low and your left hand higher. Throw by projecting fwd with your left hand.


  • uchi kaiten nage - standard one (rotary throw)


  • Step back and pivot - Starting with your left foot fwd, step back with your left foot and grab uke's rt elbow with your rt hand. Pivot on your hips and face the same direction as uke, throwing him mostly with your hip turn.









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