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Read Me First

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This is a collaborative website or Wiki, where anyone can edit any page and create new pages. The purpose is to share information and try to improve our work process through better communication. Please be considerate of what others have written. See Good Wiki Style.


A wiki is meant to be fast and easy to edit. Intuitive text formatting rules are used to simplify the process of writing and linking pages. The idea is to keep the text that people edit simple, so it's readable as is, and, most importantly, editable by anyone, without sacrificing attractive presentation.

Editing a page is done by simply clicking on the "Edit" link at the top of each page. This will bring you to an editing window in your browser where you can edit the contents of the page and add new material. A link to a new page consists of 1 or more words surrounded by [ ]'s. When you type a link, you establish a hyperlink to a new page. When you save the page, a link to the new page will be created automatically. Initially the link will have a dashed underline; this means the new page has not been edited yet. Click on the link to go to the new page and edit it. New pages can only be created as links from existing pages. (no longer true on PBwiki)


The basic text formatting rules are as follows.


  • Bulleted text is created by starting a line with a * followed by your text.
  • Numbered lists are created by starting a line with a # followed by your text.
  • Typing in a URL will automatically convert it to an external link.
  • If you begin a line with a space, the text will appear inside a box.
  • Use words surrounded by [ ]'s to automatically create internal links




For additional info see the Help icon at the top of each page. Try your hand at text formatting in the SandBox. I have also started a PBwiki Userguide.


Navigate this wiki by following the links, the same as any web page. Additional features include Changes (provides a list of the pages which have just been edited along with the name of the person or IP address who made the edit), the ability to search the entire website by using the Search icon and the Files tab which will allow you to upload files to the wiki.


Take a minute to add your name (as a link) to the MembersPages. Doing this will automatically create a blank "homepage" for you.


The founder of this type of collaborative medium, WardCunningham, coined the name "wiki" for it. In Hawaiian, "wiki" means "quick".


IMPORTANT! This site is maintained by its users (that's you), so don't be afraid to make changes to the site. Without your contributions, this site will not succeed. The contents are backed up daily, so even if you totally screw it up, the wiki can be easily restored.


Remember Wiki technology enables web consumers to become web producers.

If you

  • have questions about wiki
  • need help
  • want some coaching on working with wiki

call DaveRaftery


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