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Power consumption meters

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Home power meter


Start reducing your energy bills with a electricity usage monitor. This device enables you to easily make the decisions that can save you money and reduce your electrical consumption. Virtually any household could use this device and reduce its electrical bill in a single month by an amount greater than the one time cost of this unit.


Specific examples of the real world decisions that this product can help you make include:

  • Should I bother to turn that computer off at night?
  • Will it pay me to trade in that old refrigerator (dish washer, clothes dryer, etc.) that is working fine for a new high efficiency refrigerator?
  • When I turn down the thermostat on the Air Conditioner how much more money is it costing me?
  • How much does it matter what speed I set on the plug-in ceiling fan?
  • Experts say that a full refrigerator costs less to run than an empty refrigerator. Can I save money by putting jugs of water in my half-full refrigerator? If so - how much per month?
  • What does it cost me to use the feature nearly all manufacturer's build into their TVs that enables them to turn on instantly? Should I instead buy a simple plug switch and wait 10 or 15 seconds for the TV to warm up every time that I turn it on?
  • I keep the battery charger for my phone, electric drill, PDA, etc. plugged in continuously for convenience. How much is this costing me per month?


You can easily answers these questions by connecting a power meter into your appliances and reading the electrical consumption by the Kilowatt-hour on the large LCD display. Then, figure out your electrical expense by the day, month or year simply by multiplying consumption with your local utility's usage rate. This is a must-have product for any home in these times of raising energy costs.

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