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pellet guns

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Airsoft rifles


Unicorn Hobby Corp UHC Super 9 Pro Spring Airsoft Rifle - the Pro version has hopup.


There are two versions of the "Super 9 Pro," remember. The original had countless bolt/spring problems. In the version 2 (Super 9 Pro V2), they were addressed accordingly. The springs still wear out, but hell, they do in any airsoft rifle. The bolt was resecured, but is a little rattly. Also, it is amazingly light in comparison to other airsoft snipers, which makes the control of it feel relatively strange if you have two separate rifles. If you're just getting into airsoft and think range fire is for you, this is definitely the rifle to start on. There is an upgrade site for this rifle: http://www.unconventional-airsoft.com/mirrors/doug-super9-upgrade-guide/dougi3000/Super9/ All of those WILL void your warranty, but are generally easy to do. Those are all upgrades for the V2, however.

Super 9 Pro

Super 9 Pro review

Super 9 replacement bolt and spring.

Airsoft info - look at top of left sidebar.

Atlanta Airsoft on-line dealer.

Airsoft gun mods

Sighting a rifle

With iron sights, the first thing to do is to make certain they are tight. Then, using the same sight picture, fire several shots at a target 50 yards distant. Any solid table and a couple of sacks of sand or sawdust will give a solid two-point rest. If adjustment is needed, move the rear sight the way you want the bullet to go on the target. If the bullet hits to the right, move the rear sight to the left. If the bullet hits low, move the rear sight up.


The front sight moves in the opposite direction of the rear sight, and this confuses many shooters. If the shot is high, a higher front sight is needed if the rear sight cannot be lowered enough. If the rear sight cannot be adjusted for windage, and the bullet hits to the right, the front sight must be moved to the right.

The black dot is the size of a quarter.

BB weight

You want to use high quality BBs through a nice gun like a marui, and .12s usually aren't high enough quality as to not damage the hop up. also, .12s will be going so fast that you will have no accuracy, and the slightest bit of wind will blow it comlpetely off course. you should use KSC .2 at the lowest weight, maybe go up to .25. My brother has a stock UTG M324, and he uses .28, and those work great.


For that sniper rifle however, I recommend using BBs heavier than .20g though. Try .28g or .30g for best accuracy.


And BTW, these numbers refer to BB weight, not size. Most all airsoft guns use 6 millimeter BBs. Except for Marushin which uses 8mm. Marushin is a high end airsoft manufacturer whose guns are kind of rare.


200 fps is nothing you bearly feel it. Around 280 is were you can feel it. If you are looking for a gun try to get one around 280.

Note also that the difference between 300-310fps (for example) is a lot more than the difference between 200-210fps.


If you don't know what joules are, it is a system of power measurement that (I think) is better than FPS. You don;t have to think about what BB you use for what FPS and that sort of thing.


150fps with .20g= about .2J

320fps with .20g= about 1J

500fps with .20g= about 2.3J

Cleaning & Lubricating

Well the two places you want to lube are the barrel and the chamber. I lube the barrel by getting a gun cleaning rod and sticking a bit of kleenex in the end, then spray some lube on the kleenex and move it up and down the barrel some. This works better than spraying lube directly down the barrel because you won't get too much and over lube the hop up unit, and it will clean out any dirt and grime that was left over in the barrel.


To get the chamber, take the magazine out of the gun and spray about 1/2 second of lube down the magwell so it gets the chamber components. Then you should hold the slide back (in the case of a pistol) and then spray a tiny bit more in the same place. (You can get someone to help with this if you need to.)


Oh, one important thing about lube: Don't use WD-40. It will corrode your gun. Instead get some dedicated airsoft gun lube.


I don't hardly ever get jams (I use good quality BBs) but when I do, I just do pretty much what I described in my last post. Sometimes a BB will jam itself in the magwell; (so the magazine won't go all the way in) when that happens just get a straightened paper clip or something and pry it out, being careful not to damage any other components



Most airsoft models use plastic projectiles ranging from 0.12 to 0.88 grams in weight, though the most popular weights are between .12 and .30 grams. It is important to look at the box first to see what kind of ammo to use. The pellets are usually approximately 6 mm in diameter, but some guns shoot 8 mm pellets instead. There are small paintballs for airsoft guns, but although they do prevent cheating, they are prone to breaking in the gun, jamming in the gun, not breaking when hitting the target, and damaging components of the gun which will need repairs to function correctly. While airsoft projectiles are often called BBs, the BB gun is so named because it originally fired BB-sized shotgun shot or metric ball bearings of .177 caliber (steel BBs are actually .174 inches (4.3 mm) in diameter). High grade BBSs are from $20 to $30 USD for a pack of 4000. Most BBs are seamless and come slightly lubricated with a silicone spray.


Airsoft hop-up devices apply a backspin to the pellet so that the pressure force acts on the pellet opposite to the direction that gravity is pulling it. This causes the pellet to fall less over a given distance than it would without the spin applied to it. The hop up can usually be adjusted, as heavier pellets made of denser plastic (such as pellets weighing .3 grams) require more of a backspin in order to counter gravity. If hop up is adjusted accurately, it can ensure a completely straight trajectory for the pellet. This increases range and accuracy significantly, and most airsoft weapons come with this feature as standard.

Airsoft guns are also occasionally confused with other, higher powered types of air guns which are dangerous and can be potentially lethal. BB Guns and other Air guns use high-density BB's which are metal pellets and are not to be confused with the low-density, plastic pellets airsoft guns use. Metal BB's that are used in air guns also have a much, much higher velocity (approaching 1000 fps in some models) that can break the skin and could possibly be fatal. Airsoft guns do not have such high muzzle velocities and the plastic pellets do little except leave a sting or possibly a bruise or welt. However, like paintball, proper protection including protective goggles or a facemask is required and thick clothing is recommended.

Local gun dealers

Arms Merchant

48 Washington Ave

Natick, MA

ph: (508) 653-9255


Bay State Arms Co

231 Boston Rd

Southborough, MA 01772-1302

(508) 485-9717


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