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PBwiki Userguide

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This also ties into some ideas I have about needing a more detailed PBwiki userguide, that will walk new wiki users thru the main features of PBwiki in particular and wiki philosphy and use in general. PBwiki has the FAQ, WikiStyle, and 2 video tutorials (one for basic editing and another oh how to create a new page). I think we need a more detailed step by step user guide, that provides more hand holding for the new user. I would suggest (volunteer) that we develop this user guide ourselves, since the PBwiki crew should keep busy coding away. I envision something with more narrative than PBwiki Tips. Some possible topics could include:

  • Introduction to wiki technology
    • Definition(s) of wiki
    • Brief history
    • Typical wiki features
      • Easy editing inside browser
      • Easy creation and linking of pages
      • Full search of wiki database
      • Recent changes
    • Some things which can be done with a wiki (reference existing PBwiki sites)
      • Family pages
      • Businesses
      • Education
      • Presentations
      • On line novels
  • Basic wiki editing
    • Just start typing
    • Simple mark-up
    • Creating links
  • Additional PBwiki features
    • File uploading and how to reference in a page
    • reverting to previous versions of wiki pages
    • Comments
    • Email notification
    • Archiving your wiki
    • Sharing your wiki
      • Public or private
      • Keeping password private or including it on log-in page
  • Additional Premium features
    • Locking pages
    • Hiding pages
    • Permissions
    • etc.




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