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One Laptop Per Child

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Time to put OLPC links in one place on this wiki.


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OLPC Gets Hardware Upgrades

Monday, March 26, 2007

Speedier Processor, Added RAM and bigger NAND Drive for a better computing experience!


At the One Laptop Per Child panel today at Shmoocon '07, Ivan Krstic announced that the previously known specs have been updated.


The XO, as the OLPC is called, had a 366Mhz AMD processor with little cache, 128MB RAM, and 512 NAND flash acting as storage. As of today, the machines will now be running the AMD Geode LX-700 at 433Mhz. It is a .13 micron chip which runs at 0.8 watts making for some nice battery life when combined with the new experimental LiFePO4 cells.


The RAM and storage have been increased to 256MB and 1024MB respectively. The 7.5" sunlight capable screen has a resolution of 1200x900 mono and 692x520 color at 200 DPI. It uses the draft 802.11s ESS mesh networking and also supports 802.11b/g. Of course, it still has the three USB ports, stereo speakers, 30FPS VGA webcam, SD card slot, and microphone.


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