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yokomenuchi kotegaeshi - left hanmi, step back tenshin as the strike comes in. Your "blocking" arm stays fairly vertical, starting toward uke's face and coming down to meet the yokomen. Use the outside of your forearm to meet the yokomen (where the 2 bones in your forearm are), not the edge of your forearm. You can do a yokomen to uke's face with your free hand if you wish. Grab uke's hand with your rt hand and twist to your rt, unbalancing uke and sliding your rt foot out to your rt. You must stay out of range of uke's other hand. Once uke is unbalanced, you can atemi to his ribs or face. Apply kotegaeshi grip with your left hand and tenkan, throwing uke. When doing pin, nage's knee on the top of uke's shoulder comes down first.


kata tori, left shoulder grabbed.


sankyo - Place your left hand under uke's wrist with your thumb to the outside. (Sensei steps back, Yasu doesn't) Atemi to uke's face with your rt hand. Step forward passing under uke's rt arm and apply sankyo.


nikkyo - put your left hand or forearm over uke's wrist; try turning clockwise to break uke's balance if necessary. Atemi to face with your rt hand. Slide your left foot slightly forward to the outside (to your left) to make enough room for you to step under his arm. Place your rt hand on uke's rt elbow and extend as you step under his rt arm (think of backing under his arm). Keep uke's wrist pinned to your shoulder and your rt wrist (arm) on uke's elbow (bringing/making it part of your body) as you spin him down to the mat.


katamenuchi kotegaeshi - as uke grabs your left shoulder, extend your left arm into his face, making him block with his left arm. Tenkan bringing uke's left arm down and around. Grab uke's left wrist with your rt hand and do kotegaeshi.


katamenuchi kaiten otoshi - your left shoulder grabbed. Atemi to face. Move your left foot to 10 o'clock and bring your rt foot to where your left foot was (same motion as standing kokyo dosa). Withdraw your left arm and place it under uke's rt shoulder. Place your rt hand over uke's left arm and keep extending it downwards. Twist to your rt (clockwise) and place your left knee on the mat. You are pushing uke's rt shoulder up and pulling uke's left arm down and out.


On all nikkyos the knee below the shoulder goes down to the mat first.

On all kotegaeshi and sankyo, the knee above the shoulder goes down to the mat first.

Tsuki hajiki goshi


Irimi to uke's rt side, getting out of the way of the punch. Place your left palm on the inner side of uke's elbow. Your rt hand goes over uke's left shoulder. Bring uke's arm down and then up with your left hand as you tenkan on your left foot. As you tenkan, you bring uke around with your rt hand on his shoulder. Then you throw, pushing uke off your fwd left hip. You throw him in the original direction he was moving. Your left hand moves from palm down to palm up as you bring uke's arm down and then up.


Tsuki nikkyo O&U


Tsuki irmi nage

1 step back, bring his arm to side like shihonage, then step in and tenkan

2 irimi, tenkan and throw


Tsuki with tanto

Turn hips to side and grab uke's hand. Your rear foot steps back and then you tenkan on it.


Okuri iriminage - baseball slide

Progression when teaching beginners

Lesson plan

Go over falls (back, fwd rolls, fwd slapping forearms) and footwork (tenkan, irimi, tenchin) before doing technique.

If technique is complecated, break it down into parts.


Do I use wiki for my aidido notes or Handbase?

Changing the names of techniques (ie pages) would mean creating a new page or renaming the page.

Need to have a standard list of names of attacks and techniques to prevent misspellings.

Use categories to collect all techniques against a certain attack or all techniques of a certain type (kotegaeshi).

Place links to similar techniques at the bottom of each page.

Have a TOC to be able to print out all techniques?

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