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Notes from books

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Notes from 'Doing Aikido'

You should always be pushing and extending your arms during an aikido technique; there are no techniques where you pull without extending.


Sankyo move is from 3rd bokken suburi (Hasso), where you bring boken up and then back beside your ear.


Evading the attack and taking uke's balance are more important than performing the technique.


When throwing, your rear leg must make firm contact with the ground in order to have a powerful throw.


4 parts to a technique

get out of way evade, escape (but still keep 'connection' with uke)
take uke's balancekuzushi
do techniquekake
strong follow thru stancezanshin 'remaining spirit'


Saito sensei's 3 ways of doing technique

basic (static) kotai or kihonthis is fallback technique if others don't work
moving jutailooks the same as kihon but easier to do since uke is in motion
flowing ki no garedrawing out and blending with uke
  • 10 kihon for every 1 jutai; 10 jutai for every 1 ki no gare
  • Ki no gare should be done by lower kyus too, so nage doesn't develop stiff movements

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