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Odds and Ends

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 12 years, 2 months ago

Odds and Ends ?


November 2010





27 May

Interesting page on PIMs






12 May

Wordle to create word clouds

Facebook gone rogue

Posterous -a site to create webpages


22 April

Custom bokken

Great pictures of volcano in Iceland

Barra Homestead, Vt


22 March

NSR question



18 March







2 March

Nathan's Economic Edge blog


22 Feb

Climate gate story

Missile Defense


Next 100 years - book


Miami Vice DVDs


15 Feb

US Military support to Haiti

Robo bees

Prince William Arena


30 Jan

Celtic Women


15 Jan 2010


The brick testament

Nabble - free embeddable forums and other tools


31 Dec

Possible food shortages in 2010?

Star Wars Phantom Menace review

18 Dec

sharpening jigs



9 Dec

Ogalla Aquifer



28 Nov

Palm Island construction video

Gold article

Squidoo getting started


22 Nov

Obama birth certificate case

More info


Climate change - not

Star Wars facebook discussion

Interesting pics


11 Nov

Visitor map

The universe in powers of 10.

Rio power outage

Near miss asteroid


7 Nov

Why is it that God who IS light, who created light, does so much of his work in the dark? The answer, because that's where WE are. We struggle in darkness, our weakness is more pronounced in the darkness and we feel so alone in our darkness. But....God is not intimidated by the dark! He invades it and speaks to us there!



1 November

Exercise for heart health




17 October

Oath Keepers

Darkest places

Scary people for Halloween


3 October

Fall of dollar - new currency for oil ?



24 September

Flu tracker

Tomboy wiki note taker

Tomboy user manual

Tomboy wiki for developers

Google Visualization API

Motorcycle adventures and free software


20 September

Fatima secrets





5 September

FLOSS tool for making user manuals

Scribd for self publishing

Lulu publishing

Hippie Puncher blog

Kettlebell girl


2 September

Where is George website to track currency

Resisting tyrrany one word at a time blog


23 August

First picture of single molecule

Conservatives for Patients Rights

Facebook privacy

Open directory project

Publicizing your website

Strida bike 10 inch wheels,Folded Size: 45" x 20" x 9"






14 August

Mediafire free file hosting

Is SW  engineering dead ?

Lego creativity

Is this site legit? http://www.howimakeinternetmoney.com/


Xmind - free mindmapping software

Xmind tutorial videos


6 August

Where in the World is Laurie

GTD  tools

ASCII Cow art

dotSUB for uploading videos

Example problems website


23 July




Other ear related stuff:

Ear chart

Ear reflex points  in Chapter 7

Ear massage


18 July

Columbia 150

Stevenson Pocket Yachts

Bison Survival Blog


8 July

Kings Point 09 indoctrination

Google Chrome comics


30 June

Adding a comment spreadsheet to Google Sites

Jupiter Direct as an alternate to the NASA Orion rocket.


16 June




7 June


Book to read: One Second After by William Forstchen

Rocky Mt National Park

Europe moving to right

Simple English version of Wikipedia


28 May





9 May

Flip ultra video camera review

Flip Ultra review

Time wave 2012


21 April

Ray Kurzweil on Glen Beck part 3


FLAC audio codec

BYKI  language software


Stumble upon

Ear reflex points


17 April

Wayback machine


10 April

iPhone applications -

Urban dictionary

New world order government ?



1 April

More climate change nonsense. We have to stop this legislation !

Mikes money blog

Google Desktop blog

Blogger Buzz

Semantic Web Wiki

Gold info and articles


31 March

Info on gold IRAs:






25 March

Solar storms possible effects on earth

Twine website 

Johhny Winter Mississippi Blues


16 March

Coming hard times ?

Gold IRAs


Comment on my page


20 Feb

Gmail offline mode experimental feature

Yahoo correlator - cool site

There are two tools in life, duct tape and WD40. If it moves and shouldn't, use the tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD40.

Great ideas for paper PIM

More paper organizers

Mythical art

[http://www.officialstimulusblog.com/?KW={keyword}&B={creative}&PI={placement}&N={ifContent:1}{ifSearch:2}|Federal grants]


14 Feb

Read the stimulus bill

Grapeseed extract is supposed to improve circulation to the extremities.

A different view on climate change

Weird funny stuff


6 Feb

Flip video camera

Video of flip camera in operation

FDA and cloned animals??? "Yang proved that early reports that clones would age prematurely were false. The Food and Drug Administration relied heavily on Yang's work when it found meat and dairy products from cloned farm animals were safe to eat and drink." http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D966D85G0&show_article=1


2 Feb

First international fascia conference in Boston

Ray Kurzweil

Quia on line classroom

Chuck Norris fun facts


27 Jan

Milton wrote "The mind is its own place, and in itself, it can make a Heaven of Hell, or a Hell out of Heaven"

Abraham Lincolns physical strength

Investigate Word Clouds

Famous quotes

Anabolic diet

Diary of an uchi deshi

Online aikido

No global warming


19 Jan

Look up Ripley Falls trail north of Bartlet on Rt 302 for a good hike.

Obama birth certificate

Sequestering carbon in charcoal

Jott free service that transcribes spoken words into text


15 Jan

Galactic Alignment


10 Jan

Inner Grrr - site for kettlebell lovers

Is Earth on brink of another ice age? "The graph of the Vostok ice core data shows that the Ice Age maximums and the warm interglacials occur within a regular cyclic pattern, the graph-line of which is similar to the rhythm of a heartbeat on an electrocardiogram tracing. The Vostok data graph also shows that changes in global CO2 levels lag behind global temperature changes by about eight hundred years. What that indicates is that global temperatures precede or cause global CO2 changes, and not the reverse. In other words, increasing atmospheric CO2 is not causing global temperature to rise; instead the natural cyclic increase in global temperature is causing global CO2 to rise.

The reason that global CO2 levels rise and fall in response to the global temperature is because cold water is capable of retaining more CO2 than warm water."


3 January 2009

Rovers on Mars for 5 years - vehicles original planned life was 3 months.

Weight loss with KBs

Google Scholar search engine


26 Dec

Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Lesson Book, Levels 1, 2 & 3

Chandler homepage <-- info on Chandler wikis here.

Scott Sonnon on circular strength training


20 Dec

Global warming arrogant

"He who fights with monsters should be careful least he thereby becomes a monster. When you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you." Friedrich Nietzsche

6 Dec

Tested for sandan today.




24 Nov

Wind generator - homemade

Peace and Carrots Farm

Designing good user manuals

Space weather



8 Nov

I rejoined Wikipedia today. Some links:



If your seeking a heart problem, go for any diet pill on the market. If you want to lose legit weight....buy L-Carnitine Vitamins, a natural amino acid that burns fat without the side effects of acai or green tea. I tried the Acai Berry Boom and Acai Extreme which ALL were advertised as on "Oprah", it's bull. The first day was ok, then the second day my heart rate went way up and wouldn't mellow out for 24 hours. The only way to describe it was scarry! I have experience with this and trust me, if L-Carnitine shaved off 15lbs w/o over dieting and excersise for me, it will do wonders for you. Do some research on L-carnitine and you will find out for yourself the positive facts; promotes healthy heart function, healthy liver, and healthy lung function.Walgreen's carries the best brand and it's double strengthed, so take 2 in morning on empty stomache or even with food, drink plenty of water, eat what you desire just in logical portions and you shall see how easy it is. Lose weight and still feel normal.


Knol a site for creating units of knowledge.

More info on mini-nuclear power plants


4 Nov

Primal blueprint

Slosh tube for exercise.

Nostradamus book


1 Nov

The Acai Berry which is commonly pronounced a-sigh-ee, is a rather small, round, and black-looking purple. It resembles a grape or a blueberry, but is yet smaller and darker. This fruit has a large seed and minimum amount of pulp. The acai fruit berry is now broadly used in energy juices, ice cream, certain energy bars with granola. Acai has been used for many generations by the natives of Brazil. Acai boasts 10 times the antioxidant benefits of grapes and twice that of blueberries.


20 Oct

Digital tv info

Mirage drive to pedal boats

Bob Dylans website


11 Oct

"Live passionately, even if it kills you, because something is going to kill you anyway." Webb Chiles

Bob Waldrop in OKC

Ranchmamas jerky site



5 Oct

Thinking computers


2 Oct

"No one ever drowned in their own sweat!"


1 Oct


Every democrat in office voted against the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION.

Every democrat in office voted against the 14th amendment.

Democrats fought: Women’s right to vote (all suffragists were republican), every civil rights action up to and including the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

They fought oversight for Fannie and Freddy.

They fought liberating 24 million people in Iraq.

There has been no greater force for freedom on this planet than the Republican Party of the United States of America.

Democrats believe freedom is secondary to statism. They believe EQUAL OUTCOME trumps EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

Republicans disagree- as we have since our creation to fight the SLAVEOCRATS, as they were called.

Facts and things. What’s a liberal to do?


Messenger spacecraft


30 Sept

SpaceX company


15 Sept

Artificial Memory website

Seal snoring like 3 stooges



8 Sept

[http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23552722-details/Countdown+to+man's+Big+Bang+begins/article.do|Large Hadron Collider]


5 Sept

Squeak by Example website


15 Aug

Labradoodle breeder in MA

Robot with rat brain


3 Aug

Dr Geo

view your mind software for linux


28 July

My page on Google Sites

Google sites blog

Sustainable living website


23 July

Great plan to use wind and solar power


17 July


Moodle a free tool to build computer assisted learning courses

Advanced Registry Optimizer 5 - free registry cleaner if your windoze PC slows down.

Anki flash cards - make your own flashcards


7 July

Matt Fulmers squeak blog

Cage code finder

Google hot trends


3 July

Floating cities


22 June


Stellar Activation Cycle

16 June

HIIT workouts

Link to flooding in China from earthquake

Drill here Drill now


27 may

Squeak on XO


24 May

NASA Phoenix

Peak oil survivalists



22 May

Calorie counting

Interesting website


20 May

Kindle with digital ink




1 May

Brendan graduation party

Toshiba micro nuclear reactor - this is amazing


20 Apr

Cool space drawings


31 Mar

Pat Condell

Phun a 2D physics engine

Bakken formation

Pig truck crash

exercise blog


10 Mar

Orion spacecraft to replace space shuttle.


24 Feb



7 Feb

Social Calc spreadsheet for OLPC

Use this link to run the spreadsheet in a browser.


Battery replacement for Palm Tungsten E

Instructions on replacing Tungsten E battery


17 Jan

Python spreadsheet

Candle heater

Candle heater

Trollson twins

Palm island Du Bai

Kandle heater



11 Jan

We refinanced the house yesterday; saved almost 1 point in interest.

Dylan on doing commercials - very prophetic.

Katie Kouric off air


4 Jan 08

I heard from Dan Kabel and Mike Murphy this week; hadn't corresponded with them in a long time.

Openproj a open source version of MS Project



30 Dec

College info

Kinoki foot pads


19 Dec

Xmas 07 stuff

AI course notes from 1976

11 Dec

Treasury yield news

Treasury bond prices

Unofficial  info on Google

Xmas around the world


5 Dec

Global incident map


30 Nov


Today I hit 250 pages of content on my wiki - whoohoo !


12 Nov

Croquet programming environment.

A must hear video clip from Newt Gengrich on terrorism.


6 Nov

Article on making backups

Boating blog with nice wooden boat pictures and article on self steering gear.


4 Nov

Walmart $200 linux PC which runs gOS

Another review

Linux desktop


2 Nov

Hipster PDA

Scan Cards



24 Oct

Peak oil


17 Oct

List of free video creation software:


Cam Studio



14 Oct

I took Brendan to an open house at MCP on Sunday. We spoke with the director of the BS in Pharmaceutical Marketing program



4 Oct

Found some info on Cyc project today; it still lives.



Info on Squeak and OLPC: http://bigfractaltangle.com/


28 Sept


Frodos path to Rivendell on Google maps


22 Sept

Our back lawn was hydroseeded last week. Info on new lawn care.





Natural lawn care


3 August

Walked thru some PERT charts today at work; kind of different; almost like problem solving.

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love Truly,

Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you Smile.


30 July

Check out http://slideshare.net and www.hyperscope.org


15 July

Jeannie's 50th birthday. Need to plan for her BD party.

Info on Hoodia supplement.


26 June

Trained at Golden Triangle aikido tonite; good class with Gordon and very hot.

Need to check out this and this and these notebooks

What if I won the lottery

11 June

My birthday - yay! I bought a scanner to scan my old slides into digital fomat.

Here is a tutorial on using Mediawiki.

Nice pictures of small boat construction.

USMMA admissions


7 June

I heard about the Asus laptop today which will sell between $200 - $300 and will compete with the OLPC.


27 May

Record aikido techniques from yesterday.

Make a wiki on solar energy. Collect info from various sources and put in one place. Show how solar can be effective.

Need to check into Wiki Nodes and install one on my wiki. Here it is: WikiNode

I also need to check out Google gadgets.

A Logo classroom wiki.


16 May

This is a great commercial.


9 May

Global warming good

Segway personal transporter


2 May

Astronomy picture of the day and info about NASA New Horizons spacecraft.

25 April

I listened to an interview with Robert Parker , who wrote the Spencer PI novels, this morning. He is a very interesting person.

I'm working on an aikido website for my friend Wayne. http://demotricity.pbwiki.com

16 April

Need to investigate nordic walking, using ski poles. It is supposed to burn more calories than normal walking.

Need to refinance the house next; check out Lennox Financial for no closing cost mortgages.


7 April

This is a very unique website.

Here is more info on Sophie.

The complete McHales Navy TV series on DVD



Info on Jericho tv show

Wind turbines for home use


25 March

End times?

Iraq video diaries

St Francis School pbwiki


21 March

Check out Linspire and Freespire Linux distributions. They offer a 3 GHz Linux desktop PC for $300 (no monitor). These won't work on older, slower PCs, however.

I upgraded from Puppy 2.11 to 2.14 on the old home computer. The upgrade was seamless and the external speakers now work when playing videos. 2.14 has an improved package loading system to add additional applications easily.


18 March

Check out the game Kye for Windoze, Palm OS and Linux.

Take a look at the Great Global Warming Swindle. (If the link doesn't work, search on Google video for Swindle; sometimes this video gets deleted because it is not politically correct.) I didn't realize that water vapor is a greenhouse gas as well as CO2. Water vapor makes up 95% of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. A different view on Global warming

15 March

So there really was uranium yellow cake found in Iraq. Here is a BBC report.


9 March

Solar power ideas from Popular Mechanics.

Gmail tips

A wiki about Google

Check out Zoho wiki , a free wiki.

NSR forum


4 March

Check out organic gro fertilizer; they are based in Framingham.

Interesting simple boat designs


3 March

Looking at pellet guns to deter geese. Sports Authority is in Framingham and Milford; they have a Crossman Benjamin pump action. Look for Daisy Powerline 901 too. I am learning about airsoft rifles too. This looks like a good one.

24 Feb

Should fiberglass insulation be covered?


How about a sail around the Great Lakes?

Warmup pants


20 Feb

This is cool, you can search to see how many people in the US have the same name.

I think I will try Turbo Tax this year to do my taxes. I should check out this site too.

A site with many webcams. Another blog site to look at.

Check out this aikido site too.


Directions: 84 to Scranton, 81 south to Butler and then pick up 80 west


16 Feb

A cool short movie about Web 2.0, making the web our own.


12 Feb

I start my South Beach diet again today. I'm going to try the Phase 1 for 2 weeks. This is my first part of training for Sandan.

This etymology dictionary looks cool.


26 Jan

Alan Kay presentations

Another wiki

On line game of Go


23 Jan

I am running into problems on where to save my electronic notes. Some are in this wiki, others are in Note Studio, more in Palm OS memos and some in text files on my PC. I have to decide on one place and be consistent. I would use this wiki, but when I am not online, I need something else. I figured out the other day that I can copy the source of PBwiki pages and paste them into Palm OS notes. They are not linked on the Palm, but I can read them, modify them, and then upload the file to replace the wiki page.

I am going to start a new wiki at work for my department using Confluence; this should be really cool.

I need to keep a record of things I am interested in.


17 Jan

I discovered a new way to enter text on my Palm OS today. I had used Fitaly with my old Palm, but it doesn't work on the color Palms. It will take a while to get used to new key layout, but it should be worthwhile. I am having trouble with Grafitti these days. Don't know if it is the machine or my eyes or some combination.

This is cool. A site where people can contribute how to information.

Contemplative order

I am planning to start my vegetable gardening again this year. I also want to plant some Dawn Redwoods in the backyard this spring.



10 Jan

If only the US had the same courageous leaders as Australia

Found some cool links on mindmaping



Works by Seymour Papert.


7 Jan

I need to take a look at Google notebook. I also didn't realize I had a Google homepage.


2 Jan

Some day I should memorize Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address





1 Jan 07

We could see the fireworks in Boston from our house last nite. We got the new 32 inch tv set up in the living room. I've been comparing small cruising boats the last week; some stock production, some build yourself. I haven't spent as much time learning Squeak as I planned. I need to start planning my Sandan test. Also need to organize receipts and bills, especially for taxes.


27 Dec

An idea to make money with wikis? Wiki training


18 Dec

I was delighted to find out today that I am Time Magazine's person of the year!

I also learned today that Google has bought the Jotspot wiki company. Can it be that Google will offer a free wiki service to everyone?

Check out the free high school science books being written.


Please send the pics to pics@pbwiki.com. They can be pics of students or educators using PBwiki. One submitter will win a lifetime Platinum wiki, but we really just want to see our users using PBwiki.


11 Dec

I read an article about cool stuff you can do with Google.


8 Dec

Stumbled accross Elica logo today, a Object Oriented version of logo with 3D graphics too.


6 Dec

Had my first colonoscopy today because I am > 50. Results are that I am healthy. The procedure was nothing; I slept thru it and had no after effects. The worse part was the preparation the 2 days before.


28 Nov

Discovered the Paradox microcruiser the other day - a build it yourself, coastal cruiser for 1 or 2 people.

Current balls I am juggling

This site has better resolution maps than Google maps (even though I think Google is supplying the technology).


25 Nov

I need to check out wikispaces



8 Nov

I lived in Guam for 2 years when I first got out of college, working in a shipyard and tugboat (Dillingham Company).

Want to ski in the desert?

Ned has some wild stuff!

Anyone need some Gorilla tape?


6 Oct

My DD Character

This is a neat review of the $100 laptop. Press the link at the bottom of the article. Then hover over each letter and a description of that feature appears.

Wiki Presentation for work

Info on surviving nuclear atack


1 Oct

Stumbled accross an ad for the Aiptek digital MPEG4 camcorder today, on sale at Target for $90 bucks. It sees really neat, being able to take movies or stills with the same camera. From what I read of the reviews, the quality of the pictures are not that great. I'm sure, given time, some company will do it right.


At some point I would like to build a small camp up north in NH. The plans that I am considering now are for a 14 x 24 foot cabin. The camp can be built on a concrete pier foundation to minimize construction costs. Here is a sample floorplan; I would extend it another 12 feet in length for a bedroom on the 1st floor like these folks did. I'll keep the space over the bedroom open, for a 12 x 14 foot loft. A standard pull down attic staircase, would provide access. I plan to be off the grid and use battery and solar power for lighting. Rain water would be stored in a large tank under the house. The major expense would be for a septic system.


I downloaded and installed Firefox browser for my Linux machine. Surfin with firefox on puppy linux - yeah!


24 Sept

I got Puppy Linux installed on a hard drive partition on the old 333 mhz PC. The install was easy; I was prompted at each stage. I made a boot floppy, which takes me right into the Linux desktop. I changed the resolution to approx 800 x 600. Then I installed a NIC card. The Linux network setup wizard interrogated the NIC card (water boarding, a few electric shocks), came up with a driver and then tested the connection to my existing router. It works; I'm now on the internet with my old PC and it is a lot faster than an identical PC I have, which is running XP. No hoards of useless programs running in the background. No more Windoze!

Now I have to learn more about Linux. I mounted another portion of my hard drive and was able to read and access files stored there. Puppy comes with a linux office suite of programs which will read and write MS Office products. This version of Puppy came with the Opera browser pre-installed. Next I have to get the linux version of Squeak.


19 Sept

Kids are back at school and got colds last week. This week they passed cold to me. Yuk! I taught aikido last nite; beginners class of 15 students - wow!


9 Sept

Took Brendan for his second drive today. I had him shift into 2nd gear and make a few trips around the block. He did great.


5 Sept

Flew to Canada today. My 2pm flight was cancelled due to a power outage in Halifax. I was able to get a 8 pm flight on AA. Flight didn't leave until 9 and it took me an hour to get thru customs/immigration in Canada. 45 minute drive to hotel followed. I arrived at hotel at 12:30 am Wed morning. Can we say tired?


2 Sept

I took Brendan out driving for the first time today around the neighborhood. We used the Ford Escort with the clutch.


1 Sept

I learned about NASA's Project Orion today, which will be used to return man to the moon. It's about time the US takes the lead again in space technology.

NASA link Wikipedia link

There is a movement to implement a standard wiki markup. OLPC is interested in using a superset of WikiCreole.

Some videos of Bob Dylan.


27 August

I spent all afternoon hooking up a NIC card and router for the home PCs and it's working - yay! The old PC needed the NIC card; that was an easy install. Next came running the Cat 5 cable thru the floors and along the cellar wall. I had to buy a 5/8 drill bit to pass the cable thru the floor. I tried the old computer directly into the cable modem, but I couldn't get it to work. (Obviously I don't understand networking). Finally I hooked up and configured the router. Once that was done, both PCs could see the internet. Now no more kids fighting over the internet. Tomorrow I'll try connecting my work laptop and see if I can connect to work.


25 August

We visited Dick & Hildy this week and my mom yesterday. I need to notify a number of places about our address change.


16 August

I've been following the development of a new personal information manager called Chandler for over a year now. The current alpha release looks interesting.


15 August

We closed on our old house this afternoon. Yay!! What a relief! We put the old house on the market in early Sept of 05 and it took us until 15 Aug 06 to unload it. Unfortunately we just missed the busy spring market of 05 by a few months. Timing really is every thing. The buyer's mortgage broker kept pushing the closing date up. We were supposed to close the end of Aug. As it turns out the buyer is just borderline qualified for the loan and the broker was trying to push the closing through before the financing fell through. My 77 year old 2nd cousin, Ralph, represented us at the closing. The bank's attorney was rather full of himself and was 20 minutes late for the closing. Ralph brought him down to size very quickly! Ralph says to him, "I need signed copies of all the documents we sign today". The bank's attorney says "I have unsigned copies of all the paperwork right here". Ralph says again "I need signed copies of all the paperwork before I leave today". And Ralph got them. Later when the bank attorney was giving our realtor the bank check to hold in escrow until tomorrow, Ralph says "I'll need a copy of that check please". The bank attorney says "Couldn't you have asked for that, before I made copies?" Ralph says to him: "You're a young guy, you can get up and make another copy; the exercise will do you good!" Our realtor will give us our check tomorrow, after the deed is recorded. We had asked the buyer if we could have until 24 Aug to get all our possessions out of the house, since the P&S had the closing on 31 Aug. The buyer said OK, but wanted to hold back $1500 until we got all our stuff out of the house. Ralph starts out today by telling them his clients are not having $1500 held back, since the buyer is the one who wanted to move up the closing. The buyer said OK, so we get our full check tomorrow. First I need to find out the payoff amount for the 2nd mortgage on the new house and pay that off. Then the remaining proceeds from the sale will go toward principal on the 1st mortgage.

Ever hear of Wizard schools?


14 August

I'm taking vacation the next two weeks. But I won't be relaxing, I'll be moving the rest of our stuff out of the old house and then organizing and trying to find room for stuff at the new house.

The movers came today to move the heavy furniture, bureaus and piano to the new house. Everything went pretty smoothly - no broken furniture or holes in walls. Now we have places to sit and bureaus to store our clothes - no more camping out!


10 August

MI5 stops a major terrorist attack.

I need to look into zoom clouds

Some ideas on education.


6 August

Today is Brendan's 16th birthday! He wanted to bake his own cake! He also asked to mow the lawn with the power mower for the 1st time!

I want to get some Dawn Redwoods to plant out back next spring. This site seems to have a decent price on 30 to 40 inch seedlings. The tree grows 50 to 60 feet in 20 years; 3 feet a year for established tree. The base diameter is 25 to 30 feet. I also need to look into dwarf apple trees for next year. And I get to start my vegetable garden in the spring, yay!

I found some pictures of Jacqueline skating a few weeks ago.

I hit 150 pages on my wiki today! Onward towards 200 now!


2 August

We signed the P&S on our old house today - Yay! Now I have to find a mover. The temp was 100 today; I took the day off to work in the heat, moving boxes, taking stuff to the dump!

A neat Logo link.



30 July

Thoughts for my Raytheon webpage link: list education and work history. There is a name for a type of on line resume. I can't remember it right now.



29 July 06

I created a wiki for my college alumni and emailed my classmate who sends out the class info in the alumni magazine. I need to make a wiki to link to from my Raytheon email signature. I could put some background info (education, etc.) there. All this talk of diversity is driving me crazy. This is my idea of diversity.

I got Puppy Linux ver 2.0 running on the old Toshiba 333mhz computer. It has the C drive FAT formatted, so Puppy can store working files on it.

I started lifting again and need to drop a few pounds. I'm thinking of racewalking in morning before work.

Hey we won the Long Range Radar program yesterday - great news. Here is some Strange stuff and a cool way to display the current weather on your site.

Check out this video of a Japanese katana versus a 9 mm bullet; be sure to watch the high speed images.


24 July 06

Getting Things Done is a time management system developed by David Allen. This is applicable to wiki use. Some links for using GTD with wikis are here and here.


I was talking to a friend today, who just took a 5 day sailing course with his sister on a 36 foot sailboat. He is now certified for bare boat charters. I was thinking this would be a wonderful thing to do with my son in a couple of years.


Jewel weed is a wonderful plant. My son has poison ivy, so I cut some jewel weed tonite and applied the juice from the stalk directly to the blistered area. Somehow the jewel weed juices react with the oil in the poison ivy and break down the oil, and drying out the affected area. Article on poison ivy.


22 July 06

I had downloaded an archive of the Squeakland mailing list about a year ago. I went thru it off line, removed extraneous info and highlighted interesting conversations. I am in the process of pasting certain discussions onto my Squeak site.


21 July 06

Teaching aikido class tonite, there was a great deluge and noisy thunderstorm. Surprisingly, it was a nice environment to practice aikido in. Thinking more of getting a linux distribution running on one of the old computers. Maybe DSL or Puppy linux. Need more hours in a day.


Twiki is now running at work, which I requested the system admin to install for my department use. I have made some tweaks, including making the title of the current page larger, so people know where they are. The system admin set up some aliases so I can link directly from Twiki to files on our server (only a few directories). I have to prepare a presentation on uses of the wiki at work for next month's staff mtg. I'm going to give the URL to a couple of people at work and let them play with it.


Check out this mind blowing site on expanding your view by powers of 10.


12 July 06

I watched a special on Woodie Guthrie tonight on PBS. It was very well done. He was an amazing man and prolific writer.



8 July 06

Want to know more about Crop circles? How about the end of literacy? Alan Kay characterized the Dynabook years ago, as: "An instrument whose music is ideas"



4 July 06 Happy Birthday to These United States !

Do I like this date format better?

This link provides info on the origins and meaning of names, (thanks to Laurie).


I spent an hour this afternoon finishing setting up aikido mats in my basement.


We went to parade in Norwood tonight. There were a number of WWII tanks, half tracks and jeeps in the parade. 4 Warthog tank killers flew in formation over the parade route.


I've been thinking of different wiki formats and how to convert between them. I use PBwiki online and Note Studio offline and on my Palm OS device. The basic link markup is similar: they both use single square brackets around links. Bullets are * space in PBwiki and a - in NoteStudio. Headings are ! in PBwiki and + in NoteStudio. I guess I could do a find and replace in a text editor to convert pages back and forth. It would not work with multiple + ! - or *, though.


A comparison of wiki formatting at a glance:

Effect PBwiki NoteStudio Swiki
Bold ** *  
Italic '' =  
__Underlined__ __ _  
Strikethrough - N/A  
* Bullet * space -  
# Ordered list # space #  
Heading ! +  
Horizontal line --- ___  


30 June 06

Well yesterday I ran the Getleft program to download this website to my home PC. (It wouldn't work at work due to the firewall) All the links work too, so I can jump from page to page. The only drawback is the pages are static, so I can't change them. I can however make changes in an editor, save them and then upload them when I am back online.


25 June 06

Wow, this wiki now contains 135 pages, which I created myself. I started this wiki in January 06. I'll probably blow by 150 pages this week. So I'll set my next big mark at 200 pages. I lifted weights today, doing Power of 10 slow motion workout. It really is exhausting just doing 1 set of each exercise to exhaustion.


23 June 06

A special day: I was awarded the title of Master Sandwich Maker today by David Weekly, the owner of PBwiki.com. I am also setting up a TWiki at work, behind our firewall. I'm trying to make TWiki simple enough for the average user to work with. Looks like at least the Feds are interested in protecting our private property rights. I need to do some wiki housekeeping. I need to do some organizing and refactoring of pages. I also need to clean out my In box.


22 June 06

Well, well, well, it looks like WMDs really did exist in Iraq, according to a new report. However we still screwed up the occupation, once we defeated Sadam. Where is General MacArthur when you need him?

I also learned about heat bursts today, in interesting meterological phenomenon.


21 June 06

Jacqueline had Needham track Monday nite. She was doing hurdles and I snapped a great picture of her in mid-air! Sheer photographic luck on my part. I also learned more about childhood cooties today!


20 June 06

Bad news today: 2 missing soldiers were found killed and mutilated in Iraq. I'll elaborate on this war another time. Suffice it to say, that if I was commander-in-chief, the war would be over, the locals would not like us, but they would fear and respect us. There would be a dusk to dawn curfew and those clerics who didn't play ball with us, would be spending time praying to Allah at Club Gitmo.


On the tech front, IBM announced a 350 ghz chip today; unbelievable - this should have a big impact on computing in a couple of years.


It doesn't get much better than this: I'm sitting out on my deck tonite, watching a thunderstorm in the distance, cooking 2 hot dogs on the grill, and sipping a cold beer. The storm is a mixture of heat lightning, which lights up the sky and an occasional lightning bolt. Distant thunder in the background. It was a hot day; I did aikido class tonite and sweated like a dog; great workout. There is a strong breeze blowing on the deck and even though it is in the mid 70s, it almost feels cold.


19 June 06

To blog or not to blog, that is one question. I'm not a fan of blogs; I am a fan of wikis. But wikis can function just fine as a blog. I can insert pictures

and let visitors post comments.

As you will soon find out, I like to do things my own way.

So what is the purpose of this "blog"? Most likely it will contain interesting things I have come accross and some of what I'm doing. So here we go.


I just turned 52 a week ago; so far it is no different than being 51.


As you have noticed I like wikis. Other interests include aikido, One Laptop Per Child and Squeak Smalltalk, all of which can be found on my wiki.








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