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My Tudomo page

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Tudumo is a MS Windows To Do list program that distills Getting Things Done (GTD) principles into a clean and simple user interface. It allows users to group and filter their information through the use of state, tags and headings.


Tudumo homepage

Google discussion group

A Review of Tudumo

draft Tudumo Review


  • Well, Tudumo has headings, like you've always used. This means you can group stuff together, like you've done before.
  • Tudumo has tags, which some of you have used. They're great, because you can group things in multiple ways.
  • It then combines these two - so you can filter on both dimensions - you can say "show me only the items with this tag" and if you like you can add "...under this heading" and "...with this state".
  • And yes, actions have a state. Version 1 of Tudumo had a block on the left (for priority) and a block on the right (for completed). But...very few things are both completed AND high priority. But...you guessed it - that's the way it's always been done! So I merged them, and added a few other states. It works nicely.


And the whole thing is wrapped up in a very hand-coded user interface, so you don't know about tags until you use them. You don't see columns for dates until you add them to items.


You don't have notes hidden some way off the screen - they're there, underneath the label, but only when you want them. I'll be amazed if, the first time you see Tudumo, you don't think "is that it?" because it looks so simple.


When filtering by a tag (let's say "@Home") and you want to see items with "fishing" as well, hit the control key and click on the second tag. This will perform an "OR" in programmer-speak, and essentially show you only actions that have either "@Home" or "fishing" in them.


If you drag a bunch of text into Tudumo it'll eat it up and spit out a bunch of actions, one per line of text. Similarly, copy and paste works - copy a bunch of text, move up/down in Tudumo to the place you'd like the new actions to be, hit ctrl-p (for paste) and gape in wonder as actions appear before your eyes.

Predictably, this works in the other direction. If you're sick of Tudumo and would love to get back to that zoomy notepad, just copy a set of actions (or headings) and it'll spit out as text. I did that tonight into Excel. Works, I promise.


When you've added a bunch of tags to different actions, and now you decide that actually you'd like "@Work" to be merged with "@Computer"...well, right-click on either of those tags at the bottom of Tudumo, and select "Rename" in the menu. This will rename the tag and merge it if there's already an existing tag with that name, and re-tag all of your actions.

Notes from Google discussion group:


If you use ctrl-shift-h, you'll toggle the headings-only view


You can filter fairly nicely with the tags, e.g. using alt, shift and ctrl to perform NOT, AND and OR selections on tags - so "show me everything except items tagged @Home"


Ctrl-N currently creates a new item after an existing item, insert before. 


July 09 - Richard is currently porting the sync back-end (third implementation - bleeding edge of cloud technologies can hurt) and has someone working on improving printing support - e.g. icons, multiple pages, pocketmod-type printing.


You can't move the tudumo data  file yet, but that feature will come.  Note that a workaround is that if you install Tudumo outside of Program Files it keeps the data in the same directory.


June 09 - Richard - Storage: according to my profiling software, the issue with Tudumo isn't XML, it's refining the UI to handle more actions because that's the limiting factor. I regularly do performance work for that.  If someone has 1000+ actions, then Tudumo isn't really a good app to use just from a design perspective.  Having said that, I'm open to moving to an embedded database if it provides some benefit.

He will add the ability to select document location, moving the tag bar to the top (optionally), a web sync which will have a web interface added, and mailing in.


May 09 - Richard - You can install Tudumo in multiple places as a workaround.  You can also just drag the tudumo.exe file to a new directory and run it.  It'll create the data file under that directory.

My random thoughts:


Have a Calendar section heading and put actions under it that are 'hard landscape'. Also use appt tag to tag meetings, etc. Mark the records as on hold or someday?


Have Address book section heading and put names and contact info there. Search for person's name when needed. Mark items as someday? Or tag as Contacts.


Explore similarities with Lotus Agenda: categories vs tags; views vs headings.


Today I made an Excel macro to clean up a Tudumo cvs file in Excel - set size of columns, set formatting of cells, autowrap cells, make header row bold, etc. Now I can export my Tudumo data as a cvs file, run the macro to clean it up and then upload to Google Docs to have my data online.


Some ideas for tags: Hi, Med, Low (high, medium low priority),  Contacts (for address book type info),  hard, normal, easy (level of effort or concentration required), office, home, computer, online,

Tudumo Keyboard shortcuts:

Create & change

* <ctrl>-n for a new action.

* <ctrl>-h for a new heading.

<enter> key to edit the selected action or heading.

<ctrl>-<enter> to edit a note in an action - and then the same for a new line in the note. You can also use <shift>-<enter> once inside the note.

<ctrl>-t to edit the tags. (comma-separated)

<ctrl>-d to edit the due date.

<ctrl>-<shift>-d to edit the start date.

1-6 to change the state (left hand icon), and <ctrl>-1-5 to filter by those (top right menu).

Navigating, selecting, moving

Up and down to move between items.

<ctrl>-up and <ctrl>-down to move between headings.

<shift>-up and <shift>down to select the previous/next item.

<ctrl>-<shift>-up and <ctrl>-<shift>down to move the selected item up or down.

Cursors <left> and <right> to expand/contract a selected action, or focus/defocus a selected heading.

* <space> to toggle expansion of a action and toggle focus of a selected heading.

To defocus a heading (see the whole heading list) when the focussed heading is not selected, use <backspace>.

<ctrl>-f (or F3) to toggle the search box. 

<ctrl>-left and <ctrl>-right to select the next/previous tag in the tag selector at bottom

<ctrl>-<shift>-u and <ctrl>-<shift>-a to jump to the "Untagged" and the "All" tags in the tag bar.


When Tudumo is minimised to the task tray, bring it back up with *<Windows>-t. In Vista use <Windows>-<Alt>-t.

And to use the quick-add window, <Windows>-<Control>-t.


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