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My list of TP idioms

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 13 years, 6 months ago


This is my personal list of TP idioms. It is not official. User beware !


TP Comments
and so on sin li sama  
bank tomo mani  
brother mije sama  
buy, pay pana e mani tawa  
computer ilo sona  
can keep on giving ken pi awen pana  
dump ma pi ijo jaki  
exercise pali musi sijelo  
family kulupu mama  
far poka mi ala  
frozen lete kiwen  
government kulupu lawa  
here poka mi  
here or there lon ni  
how kepeken nasin seme  
internet ilo sona kulupu  
job pali awen  
maybe ken la  
milk telo walo  
pig soweli moku jaki  
pet soweli tomo  
pretty pona lukin  
raining telo li kama water comes
reason ken sona  
religion, philosophy nasin sewi  
run tawa noka wawa  
sibling jan sama  
sister meli sama  
sky sewi kon  
some ali ala  
stranger jan sin  
take kama jo  
take a picture (make) pali e sitelen  
town ma tomo  
translate toki ante  
tv ilo pi sitelen tawa  
tv show sitelen tawa  
university tomo sona suli  
walk tawa noka  
who jan seme  
why tan seme  


Conditionals using 'la'

ante la otherwise, on the other hand, on the contrary
ike la unfortunately
kama la afterwards, later
ken la maybe
kin la likewise, similarly
lawa la mainly
lukin la apparently, obviously, clearly
lon la therefore, really, truly, currently
lon ni la here
mi la as for me, as far as I am concerned
ni li ken la if possible
ni li pini la after this
open la to begin with
pana lukin la for example
poka la besides
poka ni la by the way
pona la happily, fortunately
sama la similarly, likewise
sike la periodically, from time to time
sin la yet again, to start afresh
sona kama ala la suddenly, unexpectedly
tan ni la for this reason, this is why
tawa nasin pona la going on the right path
tenpo ijo  kama la one of these days (future)
tenpo ijo la once upon a time (past)
tenpo mun tu la for two months
tenpo wan la In the first place, at first





after tenpo kama
before tenpo pini
early tenpo pi suno li kama la
egg sike pi mama waso
fly tawa lon kon
last year tenpo sike pini
late tenpo pi mun li kama la
long time tenpo suli
many years ago tenpo sike pini mute
next year tenpo sike kama
night tenpo pimeja
now tenpo ni
this year tenpo sike ni


tenpo lili      brief moment, short period of time

tenpo suno     day

tenpo esun     week

tenpo mun     month

tenpo sike     year


Meanings for 'lon'

lon - be present

lon - be real

lon - be there

lon - be true

lon - be awake

lon pi - be a part of

lon weka - be absent

lon sewi - above, over


pali - as a noun can mean that which is manufactured (it does not mean mean worker)

poka telo - beach, seaside

kili - as a verb - to bear fruit, harvest, pollenate

sike - about, concerning (ask where this comes from); as a verb it can mean to move something in a circle.


to forget - 'tenpo pini la mi sona. taso tenpo ni la mi sona ala'

Common phrases


mi lawa e tomo tawa = I drive / steer the car

seme combinations


tan combinations


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