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Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 13 years, 3 months ago
  • Kokyuho - O & U


  • irimi nage - tenkan 2 ways
    • soto hineri - uke grabs left arm. tenkan on left foot; keep your fingers down and your left elbow pointing forward. Do U shaped step and with a whipping motion bring your left hand upwards (palm up) and cut over the top of uke's wrists; then cut his arms down. Keep your elbow close to uke's body. Put your shoulder under his shoulder, tenkan and bring him back upwards for the throw.
    • uchi hineri - uke grabs left arm. Tenkan on left foot; keep your fingers up. Do U shaped step and cut down with your fingers pointing down. Then turn your fingers up and bring your arm upwards to throw uke. Your hand moves under uke's wrists on the inside so this is uchi version


  • jujinage


  • nikkyo


  • udekeminage (gyakutenage) - rt arm held: tenkan on rt foot and then do J step with rt foot by using a strong hip twisting motion to get uke moving. Your fingers are pointing up, handblade fwd. Then put your left arm under uke's arms and step thru. Your weight should be on your back foot when you throw - on almost all throws. Kanai keeps his back heel off the mat when he throws to get an extra push; it also squares your hips in the direction of the throw. In normal hanmi your hips are not directly square.


  • kokyu nage - omote and ura


  • koshinage


  • makiotoshi


  • ikkyo - difficult it uke holds tight


  • kotegaeshi


  • Chiba's cutting to outside with hand - difficult if uke holds tight





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