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Linux applications


Linux distributions


Puppy Linux


Series of 8 articles on different Linux implementations

check for my posting


Ubuntu linux resources

More Linux resources

Everex TC2502 Linux PC

Everex TC2502 gOS gPC Experiences

Google news

Wired review of OS

Enlightenment wiki


gOS Forum - this was best place to get answers - now closed

Google group for Gos

Video 1

Video 2

Ubuntu forum on Everex gPC

Google search of Ubuntu forums

Unofficial gOS forum

Everex review with comments

Unofficial gOS wiki


Gmail HTML version

Useful Linux commands

Everex Cloudbook link

Everex technical details

wall paper

Wall paper


Installing KDE desktop tutorial

Modifying favorites menu tutorial

KDE  User Guide

KDE user guide

KDE Environment

KDE intro

IBM KDE intro

KDE beginners intro

Changing KDE display resolution


Memory om sale

Installing xchat tutorial

Linux commands


Pictorial review of Everex gPC

Pose Palm emulator for Linux

Short  Introduction to gOS 2

Speeding up Open Office

Gnome introduction

Avant Window Navigator

gOS 3 'Gadgets'

Based on Ubuntu 8.04

Uses LXDE desktop environment

Wine pre-installed

Ubuntu  Lite


gOS 3 is slated to come out in several versions. There will be a

normal Gnome version, and LXDE version, an XFCE version, and an

extremely light-weight E17 version. Currently, there are no plans to make a KDE version due to the heavy resources that KDE needs to run nicely.



Linux docks

Linux wallpaper

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