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Lesson Plan

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Suject: Planet Mars

Unit: Our Universe


  • Explain why man has been fascinated by Mars
  • Engage children in current Mars exploration

Prerequisites: Overview of solar system

Related concepts

  • Robotic exploration
  • Weight of person on smaller planet

Materials needed

  • Viewgraphs
  • Map of Mars
  • Pictures from Mars rovers
  • Modeling clay

Time required: 50 minutes

Lecture topics

  • 4th planet
  • 1 moon
  • Atmosphere
  • Red planet
  • "Canals" on surface

Hands on exercises

  • Use clay to make representative size of Mars to Earth and Jupiter
  • Line up students to show relative distance of 4 inner planets to the sun

Review/Key points

  • no life
  • many spacecraft sent to explore



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