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If this is Goodbye

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 11 years, 7 months ago

Title: If This Is Goodbye


Those famous last words are lying around in tatters

Sounding absurd whatever i try

But I Love you, and that's all that really matters

If this is goodbye if this is goodbye


Bright shining sun, would light up the way before me

You were the one, made me feel I could fly

And I love you, whatever is waiting for me

If this is goodbye if this is goodbye


Who knows howlong we got, or what we're made of

Who knows if there's a plan or not

There is our love, I know there is our love


Those famous last words could never tell the story

Spending unheard and the dark of the sky

But I love you, and this is our glory

If this is goodbye, if this goodbye

If this is goodbye, if this goodbye


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