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Ideas for wiki in education

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Wikis in schools

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Thesis chapter on Swiki

Wiki can be useful in courses. On day one, teach how to use the wiki, and then help students build their own wiki. Day by day, they fill in and share what they learned and their thoughts on it, the "Three Fs", Facts, Feelings and Findings.


Wiki has a power of changing organizations and the individuals in it. We could have a collective note of the whole class on Wiki. After each class, students are encouraged to go to the Wiki site and put down "collaboratively" what they learned from the class; they are building a web site about the class. If one student finds a line from another student incomprehensible or mistaken, he/she could edit or add to it freely. The professor/teacher could go and see what the whole class understand and don't understand, so that he could prepare for the next class to make it up.

The idea is that the seminar has a core of text units which must be read by each participant, who can modify it or add comments wiki-style. Then, each participant must contribute links, documents, case-estudies, terms for a glossary, questions and commentaries and references. This way, the seminar will evolve and self-actualize with each new participant. The seminar becomes also a kind of website for the topic


After a seminar, as an on-going education service, the wiki site grows large into an evolving general resource site for the subject matter, where active discussions occur and rapidly converge into Document Mode texts. Also use Wiki in group studies. Someone posts a summary of a section which he's got to present on the study day in front of study group members. After the presentation, all members come to the page and modify, enhance, organize, refactor into several pages. This can be termed "growing collective notes."




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