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Henka waza

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Henka waza - nage changing from one technique to another


  • Shomen uch nikkyo into uki otoshi (henka waza) - Irimi to uke's side and place your hand over his hand as you tenkan next to him. Your other hand is on the back of his palm. Step back with U step and apply nikkyo. Let uke come up and step accross the line with your rear foot and move your hand underneath his arm to his elbow. Step back with your other foot and push on his hip with your hand that was on his wrist. Kneel down on the knee that stepped accross the line above.


  • Shomen uchi ikkyo into gyaku kotegaeshi (henka waza) - do ikkyo omote; when you have your leg under uke's shoulder and your arm straight on his elbow, take a step fwd with your rear foot and move your hand to the inside of his elbow. Pivot on your feet 180 degrees and come down on one knee. Your hand on uke's wrist rotates around his wrist. Once on the mat, turn uke over by applying nikkyo pin to his arm.


  • Henka waza shomen uchi gyaku sankyo seioe otoshi
    • Uke strikes shomen with his rt arm. Slide fwd with your fwd rt leg to uke's left side. Slice diagonally upwards accross uke's chest with your rt handblade. Take uke's left hand with your left hand and apply sankyo, passing under his left arm. Withdraw your rt leg with the sankyo to move uke around you. At the end throw uke over your left arm/shoulder and kneel down on your left knee.


  • nikkyo into throw
    • omote - uke's fore arm should be parallel to the ground as you apply nikkyo. Then move uke so his elbow points up and apply nikkyo strongly to his fore arm. This will cause uke to move around you quickly; once he is in motion, grab his elbow with one hand and come down on one knee as you turn to throw him.
    • Ura - same way except keep uke's arm vertical from the beginning.


  • nikkyo into uki otoshi


  • Kotegaeshi into hitoe iriminage (Henka waza)


  • hitoe iriminage
    • into kotegaeshi
    • into kata hiki otoshi


  • tenchinage
    • into kata hiki otoshi
    • into maki otoshi


  • Shihonage
    • into hitoe iriminage
    • into kata hiki otoshi
    • into uki otoshi
    • into kote gaeshi (maybe)




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