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Basic Aikido terminology


Aikido - the way of harmonizing energy

Nage - person performing aikido technique

Uke - person attacking nage



Omote - moving in front of uke

Ura - moving behind uke

Irimi - an entering movement

Tenkan - turning 180 degrees by sliding your back foot around behind you

Tenshin - stepping back and off the line of attack with front leg

Zempo kaiten - forward roll

Koho kaiten - backward roll



Hanmi - the normal triangular stance used in aikido

Ai-hanmi - mutual stance; each partner has the same foot forward (both have left foot forward)

Gyaku-hanmi - opposite stance; each partner has the opposite foot forward (one right, the other left)

Maai - the distance between partners, usually 2 arm's length apart

Seiza - formal kneeling position to bow or observe class



Katatetori - wrist grab

Katatori - shoulder grab

Shomenuchi - overhead strike to the head

Yokomenuchi - strike to the side of the head

Tsuki - punch to the solar plexus

Ushiro - attack from the rear

Morotetori - two hands grab forearm


Parts of body

Tai - body

Koshi - hip area

Tanden - center, hara, the area of the body about 2 inches below the navel

Katate - wrist

Kata - shoulder

Men - head

Hiji - elbow

Ashi - leg, foot

Mune - chest

Kokyu - breath


Basic techniques

Ikkyo - 1st technique: extending the arm circularly and applying pressure to the elbow

Nikkyo - 2nd technique: applying pressure to the wrist joint

Sankyo - 3rd technique: twisting the wrist outwards

Yonkyo - 4th technique: applying pressure to the forearm

Gokyo - 5th technique: like ikkyo but with different hold on uke's wrist

Iriminage - entering throw

Shihonage - 4 direction throw

Kotegaeshi - wrist turnout throw

Kokyonage - literally "breath throw"; techniques which involve blending with uke's movement

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