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The entire development was forested, before construction. Most of the trees were removed to level out the lots and to ensure proper drainage. This picture is the lot before tree removal.


My lot and the 4 lots adjoining it ranged from 10 to 15 feet above the finished grade. This small hill had to be removed from all the lots. This picture shows the progress, just before they reached our lot. My neighbor's lot is at finished grade and our lot with the earth moving equipment on it shows the original height.


This is a view of the hill from the neighbor's houses from the back of my lot.


This is the same view a couple of weeks later with the hill removed.


This is the view from front of our lot after it had been leveled. That's my neighbor's house going up behind my lot. The 2 red stakes on the left, show the front and back corners of the side of where the excavation for the foundation will be dug.


View of footings from back corner of house looking toward the street. The near rectangle is the footing for the family room.


Dave and his new footings.


Our foundation was poured on June 6th. Here is the front view.



The garage is on the front with the family room on the back.


The foundation walls for the fireplace are in the foreground.


A view from the side of the foundation.


Foundation backfilled.


Inside perimeter drain pipes before adding gravel base.


Here is gravel covered floor.


Here is the newly poured basement floor.


Here is the front view of the backfilled and graded froundation


Here is the gentle sloping lot at the rear.


Laying the underground electrical cable


Driveway installed



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