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Exercise Sports Recreation

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Martial Arts

I have studied Aikido at the New England Aikikai under Kanai Sensei since 1983.


Chanbara is a Japanese martial art of sword fighting using flexible synthetic swords. Using light headgear to protect the face and ears, combatants can fight at full speed and full contact without risk of injury. I took one chanbara lesson and it was lots of fun.




I love to go canoeing; this includes sailing them, running white water and going camping. For more information on sailing canoes visit my Canoe Sailing page. the ACA

Plans for light weight plywood canoe.

Bateau cheap canoe plans

Article on converting old canoe for sailing part 1, part 2





I'm a Kings Pointer, Class of '77.

Here are my sailboat links.

Enigma sailboat

Puddle Duck Racer

Ever hear of Puddle duck racing ? Overview

Ideas for improving race results.

Reefing info

Jesse Cooper by Phil Bolger

Little Dubbers kayak

Jewel Box Jr




XC skiing


When the weather gets cold and the snow falls, I can't wait to strap on my cross country skis and head for the fields and woods. I did downhill skiing when I was younger, but the high costs and long lines drove me to the woods and xc skiing. I love the quiet solitude one can experience on xc trails along with the occasional animals of the forest. Every once and a while I return to downhill slopes but I wear my xc skis and practice my telemark turns.


In the warm weather, I try to do 30 minutes each day on my old Nordick Trak ski machine; it really gets the heart pumping!




My son and I are planing to go on short overnite hiking trips. I want him to gain an appreciation of nature.


Weight lifting

Hindu squats and pushups


Fitness ball exercises


Song Lyrics




Recumbent bikes


Four Hour Body


Egoscue method




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