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Example food list

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Why so much?


To increase the safety and security of your family -- to help you be more in control of your circumstances -- to make you less vulnerable to crisis and hard times -- to increase the quality of your life -- to provide great meals for your family -- to save money and time. It's like having your own in-home grocery store.




Cooking meals from basic foods cuts your monthly grocery bill and increases family security.


If hard times come your way -- if you get fired, get sick, there's a blizzard, your utility bills are too high, whatever the crisis, with food in the pantry, hard times are less hard.




Family food security is community food security.


We are all in this together, so this must be a community project. People working together get more accomplished than people who go it alone. United we stand, divided we fall.




I can barely afford one month's food. How could I ever get 2 months ahead?


By careful planning and work you can gradually increase your family food supply. The list below shows suggested amounts to store for a family of four. If you cut your current food budget a bit, you can save $25 each month on your current consumption and set that amount of food aside each month. Over a year, you will store an extra month's food. If you can set aside $50 a month, you can build a 2 month's supply in only one year! This particular list emphasizes foods that store without refrigeration, and is only offered as a guide since families have different tastes in foods. Store what you eat, and eat what you store. We start small or we don't start at all.




The more food you grow and process yourself, or buy directly from farmers, the less money you spend on food.


In this list, $161 of the $286 budget is for meats, vegetables, fruits, and juice. Meats can be bought on sale and frozen or pressure processed in jars. Vegetables and fruits you can grow yourself or buy directly from farmers. Properly managing your budget for meats, vegetables, fruits and juice provides opportunities for saving money


Kansas City retail prices of generic & store brands, summer-fall 1998


  • Oatmeal, 10 lbs $ 8.00
  • Noodles 6 lbs, $ 3.00
  • Macaroni, 10 lbs $ 5.00
  • Grits, 4 lbs $ 4.00
  • Rice, 12 pounds $ 3.60
  • Flour, 30 pounds $ 4.50
  • Tomato sauce, 128-8 oz cans (2.6 cases) $25.60
  • Vegetables, 100, 15 oz cans $33.00
  • Juice, 12 gallons $30.00
  • Canned fruit, 10 cans $ 6.00
  • Raisins, 4 pounds $ 4.00
  • Milk, 30 gal (24 pounds dried) $42.00
  • Peanut butter, 9 pounds $11.70
  • Whole canned chickens, 6 $27.00
  • Canned hams, 3 $18.00
  • Tuna, 36-5 oz cans $18.00
  • Dried beans & peas, 10 pounds $ 4.50
  • Oil/fats, 15 quarts $16.00
  • Sugar, 10 pounds $ 4.50
  • Baking powder, ½ lb $ 1.20
  • Yeast, 1 lb $ 2.25
  • Spices, condiments $15.00


TOTAL: $286.85

Per person: $ 71.71


To accumulate one extra month's food in 12 months, reduce spending on food for current consumption by $24.00 and spend that amount on your Family Food Security Plan. To set aside two months food in 12 months, save $48.00 worth of food each month.. Two months staples (not including fruits, vegetables, or meats) requires saving $20/month.


Portion sizes:


Cereals, bread, rice, pasta: 8 (recommended is 6 to 11); served as 4 slices of bread or biscuits/pancakes, 3/4 cup cooked rice, 3/4 cup cooked pasta, 1/2 cup oatmeal


Vegetables: 5 servings, served as 2.5 cups cooked vegetables


Fruits: 3 servings, served as 2 cups juice


Dairy: 4 servings, served as 4 cups milk (some of which may be cooked into various recipes)


Protein: 3 servings, served as 2 tb peanut butter or other nuts/seeds, 3 ounces of cooked meat (tuna, canned chicken, other canned meats), and ½ cup cooked beans.


Fats/oils: 3/4 cup day

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