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Bowing in aikido is a sign of respect for fellow students, the instructor and the dojo; it is a tradition from the Japanese origin of aikido. All bowing is done from a kneeling position (seiza). People with knee injuries may bow from a cross legged or standing position.


Bow when getting on and off the mat in the direction of O'Sensei's picture.


Several minutes prior to the beginning of class, students should kneel quietly in a single line at the rear edge of the mat. It is not necessary to line up by rank.


The entire class bows to O'sensei and the instructor at the start of class.


Bow to your partner before and after practicing with them.


When the instructor demonstrates the next technique, the class should quickly kneel in a single line at the rear edge of the mat. Bow to the instructor after he demonstrates a technique.


When receiving personal instruction during class, sit in seiza and watch. Bow to the instructor when he has finished.


Ask permission of the instructor before getting off the mat.


If you are late for class, stand at the edge of the mat, until the instructor waves you on. You may then do warm up stretching in the corner of the mat and join class when you are ready.


Please be aware at all times of those around you as you take ukemi (falling), or are throwing your partner.

Train to develop awareness in all directions.


Please remove all jewelry, including earrings and rings, before stepping onto the mat.


When entering or leaving the dojo, it is customary to do a standing bow at the door.


Onegaishimas - "I request the favor of practicing with you"

Domo Arigato Gozaimas - "Thank you very much"

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