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Drainage pond operation

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

We may want to hire a licensed civil engineer to review the drainage pond design and it's compliance with MA environmental regulations.

Checklist for maintaining drainage ponds



The Town of Walpole would have had to approve the design of the drainage pond before Toll started building it. The town engineer will have to sign off on the construction of the pond, ensuring it has been built to the agreed design. The HOA should not accept responsibility of the pond until the town engineer signs off on it.



There should also be a set of operating instructions / guidelines for when to operate the pump.


Toll should fence in the pond area for liability reasons. A chain link fence with a wide gate for clean out access should suffice. We should push Toll on this fence in order to reduce our HOA liability insurance.


My understanding is that there will be a walking trail in the common area behind lots 145 to 159. A gravel access road must be built between lots 149 and 150, and lots 159 and 160, so that fire trucks have access to the area. This road must be built before the HOA accepts responsibility for this area.


There has also been talk of a park or plaque in honor of the Bird Estate. We need to find out what this entails.

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