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Dick on computers

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Make use of Windows Notepad to draft letters or emails offline.

  • Windows comes with a simple word processor called Notepad, which can be used for writing short letters, notes or emails.
  • Notepad can be accessed from the Start menu. Go to Programs ...
  • One of the menu options is Wrap Text. Make sure this is checked (by clicking on it), so your text doesn't dissapear to the right of your screen.



Save web pages as IE web archive.



Tell how to turn off spell checking


Explain file system and creating folders under My Documents. (Tell about searching for files too)


Put tutorials and files on CD since he currently uses dial up. Ask him if has unlimited minutes for local call.


  • Make separate directories for each tutorial, label them correctly and place a readme.txt file in each directory.


  • Create overview document at root, which describes everything on disk.


  • Explain to click on the html file for the tutorials, not the folder.


  • Make some tutorials into pdf. Explain how to use pdf and what it is. Include pdf reader on disk.


  • Explain how to use the XP tutorial and what topics to look at.

word processing tutorial -- done

word processing tutorial -- 2 screens, put in IE archived format




Windows basics

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