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Chiba Jo techniques

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 3 months ago
  • Start left hanmi, left hand palm up in mid jo, rt hand on top palm down. Step accross line with left foot to your rt side. Block strike over head with jo. Step with rt foot and yokomen.
  • Nage in left hanmi, uke does above yokomen. Nage shifts his weight to his rear to avoid yokomen (absorb the strike), blocking overhead with jo. Change hands (over head) and strike yokomen to uke's neck. Do not step.
  • Start as above. Nage blocks then steps back with left foot and yokomen's to uke's wrist
  • As above. After nage blocks, he turns his jo over uke's jo and lowers jo (dropping his weight), then tsuki. (Rt hand over head to block then bring your hand down to chest for twist - keep left hand stationary) Rotation
  • same as above but don't pull back to tsuki - just go straight in.
  • Raise bottom end of jo vertically to block, then drop it down (pushing uke's jo down), then tsuki.
  • Same as above but raise top of jo by changing hands.

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