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chanbara lesson

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Took my first Chanbara class on 5 July 04, in Medway; it was great fun. I need to order some of the head protection gear; the ones with the mesh, not the clear plastic.


Typical class

  • Class starts with practice strikes:
    • men - top of head, stop strike with arms high, then return to middle position (for all of these)
    • kote, wrist - rt wrist
    • do, side of torso
    • ashi - knee, lower leg, don't twist your body
    • tsuki
    • for all of these you are in rt hamni and step fwd with left foot. You move fwd 4 or 5 strikes and then shuffle step back to starting line.
  • blocks
    • overhead either side, drop tip, thus keeping it forward, don't let tip move to side
    • vertical to cover either side of body
  • Practice strikes in a line on instructor who wears helmet and gloves; to develop proper aim and correct technique
    • men
    • wrist
    • side of chest, uke raises his arm overhead to strike and then you attack
    • ashi
  • 60 second sparing with partner.
  • 2 man kata
    • attack to men, uke blocks then does same and you block; you strike to his side and he blocks, vice versa; you then strike his leg and he lifts his leg, vice versa
    • same as above, but last ashi strike, uke moves his leg back instead of upwards
  • Sparring with partners, switch partners after each sparring, remember to breathe
  • Games: capture the glove. If you get hit, you must raise your hand, count to 10 and return to your home wall.


General notes

Keep your head up, don't look down or your opponent will cut off your head


When moving out of range, move minimum amount necessary to avoid getting hit. If you move more, it is wasted energy and it takes longer to get back into maai.


3 sword positions

  • Water position (chudan): sword in middle position, you can perceive the ripples in the water when uke begins his attack.
  • Earth position (gedan): sword is pointed down towards ground, this is a good defensive position, especially when dealing with 2 opponents. Try to divide the 2 oponents and then finish them off one at a time.
  • Heaven position (jodan): sword above your head; strictly an offensive position, can't do a low block from here. Considered agressive position.


Don't hit with back of blade, (no whacking) doesn't count as a hit. (What about turning blade over?)


Strike with full force; don't hold back.


Use suburi at home for training; it builds up shoulder muscles.


It seemed to me their maai was closer than what we use in aikiken.


Chanbara training

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