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Brutalize Your Workouts With KB Circuits

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There is tough and then there is tough. Kettlebell training is tough. Anyone who has spent time performing kettlebell circuits knows the true meaning of endurance training. They also know what it’s like to feel one step closer to dying. On the up side, if they persevere they will develop the kind of endurance most athletes would give anything to acquire.


Kettlebell circuits are hard, fun and challenging. They can be done for repetition or time and can be done with one kettlebell or a variety of tools. Today we are going to look at two circuits. The first is a standard beginner circuit that emphasizes the importance of proper swing form. This is the standard introductory circuit that I use with my clients. The second circuit is a brutal little workout that one of the Agatsu Kettlebell Coaches (AKC) came up with. It’s a simple nasty little drill that will get your heart racing and your lungs jumping out of your chest. If you are new to circuit training and kettlebells stick with the first one for a while before attempting the second. For the brave and fit, jump into the second one and enjoy spending three minutes in hell.

Beginner Circuit: (You need one Kettlebell for this one)


Let’s do this one for time. Thirty seconds per exercise. One minute rest between sets. Try to do four sets like this.


  • 30seconds -- Two Hand Swing
  • 30seconds -- Around the Body Pass
  • 30seconds -- One Arm Swing
  • 30 seconds -- Around the Body Pass (other direction)
  • 30 seconds -- One Arm Swing (other arm)
  • 30 seconds -- Double bottoms Up Press.


As you play around with the above circuit you will get better at keeping the kettlebell moving and transitioning from exercise to exercise. Beginners will have little stalls (spots where they stop and readjust the kettlebell) during these transitions. Stopping like this makes you lose momentum and will hinder your performance. As you work on improving your conditioning you should also work on your transitions. Keep the kettlebell moving smoothly from exercise to exercise. Finding smooth ways to transition is fairly intuitive once you work these kinds of circuits for a little while. You will find the most economical way to keep the kettlebell on the move.

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