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Basement mats

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years ago

Basement dojo

Here is a picture of the aikido mats in my basement. The dimensions are 14 feet by 10 feet - just big enough to do 1 forward roll! We've got 2 inches of foam over concrete, plus a couple of rugs for extra cushioning. I have to buy (and sew on) another section of muslin cloth to increase the size of my mat cover. Remember to throw and roll away from the walls! The bare light bulb and soil pipes add a certain ambiance, don't you think?



I can get a piece of canvas at Home Depot 11' 9" by 14' 9". I have an 18" wide piece of foam to extend one side, so I should end up with 14 x 11.5 feet, and the canvas should just fit. I'll need to put some grommets in it to tie it down.

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