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Aikido Lists

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Make a list for each attack of all the techniques I know how to do, with brief description if name is not sufficient.


Katatetori ai hanmi - crosshand

  1. Hitoe iriminage
  2. Iriminage (3 ways - 1 slide in front, 2 kokyo dosa motion with held arm, 3 stepping behind uke)
  3. Aikiotoshi
  4. Kotegaeshi
  5. Shihonage
  6. Gyakute nage (Udikeminage) - omote & ura
  7. Ikkyo into koshinage
  8. Surinuke into a number of things (shihonage, kotegaeshi,...)
  9. Jujinage - strike to uke's face with free hand, grab his blocking hand with your free hand and your held hand grabs his wrist from underneath.

Katatetori gyaku hanmi


Shomen uchi

  1. uki otoshi - Step to side, come to knee and lead strike out and down
  2. Kaiten nage
  3. Ikkyo with arm lock throw
  4. Tenkan and push elbow throw
  5. Tenkan Koshinage
  6. Ogoshi - irimi, tenkan taking uke's elbow, step back, continue turning same direction and do any of the koshinages
  7. Surinuke Ikkyo into kokyu nage - Move under arm, turn and do kokyu nage - breath throw
  8. Kote gaeshi
  9. Shiho nage
  10. Irimi nage
  11. Tsuki age - enter with back (outside) foot and do X block. Then step thru with inside leg; that hand goes to uke's face or shoulder. You can also do this by pivoting and continuing uke along his line of attack.
  12. Makiotoshi - step outside, grab elbow and step under
  13. Makiotoshi - enter from shihonage entrance, tenkan and do makiotoshi
  14. Taiotoshi - O & U
  15. Kiri ostshi
  16. Hitoe iriminage
  17. Irimi, cut up across uke's chest, turn toward uke and your open extended arm pushes against his neck
  18. Ude maki hajiki goshi o&u
  19. Saeoeotoshi / sumi otoshi - cross your arms from shihonage position

Yokomen uchi

  1. Kiri otoshi - Step back and lead strike to your rear
  2. Ukigoshi - Step in, koshinage
  3. Aiki otoshi - leg lift
  4. Maki otoshi - 3 ways - step in and wrap uke around you (either front or back), irimi and block strike, taking other arm for makiotoshi
  5. Irimi nage ura - stop arm and pass under
  6. Irimi nage omote - shihonage start
  7. Gayakute nage - Shihonage start, under arm throw
  8. Shihonage
  9. Kote gaeshi
  10. Tsuki age
  11. Uki otoshi - tenshin, other arm leads uke's arm down, then back up, 1st arm takes uke's wrist again as you step back with tht foot
  12. Kata hiki otoshi - irimi and stop arm, then take opposite shoulder
  13. Tsrubegoshi - irimi, double tenkan, take uke's sleeves and throw
  14. Saeoe otoshi
  15. Hitoe iriminage - step in with back foot and cut down arm with back hand
  16. Step in with back foot across the line and cut down down strike; your back is to uke; continue to turn toward uke and throw hitoe iriminage


  1. Tenkan, breath throw (can do irimi too)
  2. Jujinage
  3. Koshinage
  4. Irimi nage - uchi & soto
  5. Kote gaeshi
  6. Shiho nage
  7. kokyo ho
  8. gayakute nage
  9. ikkyo
  10. nikkyo
  11. makiotoshi
  12. ukiotoshi - tenkan and step back or just tenshin
  13. hiji goshi - tenshin, pivot and put our arm under uke's arms; step fwd to throw

Katatori menuchi

  1. Tenkan, breath throw
  2. Irimi nage, Kanai's way
  3. Lock uke's arms and step back
  4. Jujinage
  5. Lock uke's arms and step forward
  6. Tenkan, koshinage
  7. Tenkan, kote gaeshi
  8. Tenkan, shihonage
  9. Step in to uke's front open side, tenkan, maki otoshi
  10. Kata hiki otoshi - let nage's arm come down
  11. Uki otoshi - let nage's arm come down

Ushiro Tekubitori

  1. Forward projection
  2. Jujinage
  3. Koshi nage
  4. Sankyo into kaiten nage
  5. Kokyo ho (between arms) -???
  6. Kote gaeshi
  7. Shiho nage
  8. 'Twist' nage - step fwd and around, raising one of uke's hands over his head
  9. Irimi nage
  10. hitoe iriminage
  11. Step back to side and raise inside arm (similar ending to hitoe iriminage



  1. Ikkyo to Yonkyo
  2. Kotegaeshi - 3 ways
  3. Iriminage
  4. Taiotoshi
  5. kaiten nage
  6. Hiji hiki otoshi
  7. Koshinage
  8. Saoeotoshi - step back tenshin, grab uke's wrist and shoulder; step in front of his fwd leg and tenkan, coming down on that knee
  9. Koho kokyu nage
  10. Hitoe iriminage
  11. makiotoshi - 2 ways: 1 pass under arm from side, step with 'front' foot; 2 raise arm, atemi, step with 'back' foot and tenkan
  12. Hajiki goshi - from side
  13. Tenshin, grab elbow for arm bar in front of uke, into taiotoshi (Kanai)
  14. Kokyu nage from tenkan
  15. old Nikkyo
  16. kokyu nage - grab elbow, tenkan and throw
  17. shiho nage
  18. kaza garuma - windmill throw



  1. Tenchinage
  2. Kata hiki otoshi
  3. Koshinage - uki otoshi
  4. Koshinage - kogoshi
  5. hikite hajiki goshi
  6. surinuke kokyu nage (disappear)
  7. arms up & down kokyunage
  8. kaiten nage
  9. irimi nage
  10. taiotoshi
  11. hajiki goshi - tenkan and put your arm under ukes



  • Shomenuchi
    • Tenkan lead around and step in
    • Enter cut down like kaiten nage, do double tenkan and then 3 posibilities: kogoshi, tsurube goshi, ogoshi
  • Yokomen
    • Enter for ukigoshi
  • Tsuki
    • same as shomenuchi
  • Ryotetori
    • enter for ukigoshi
    • Grab one of uke's hands, raise your arm and step into uke for ogoshi
    • Move both your hands outside of uke's wrists and grab his elbows; step in and do tsurube goshi


  • ikkyo into ikkyo
  • ikkyo into surinuke ikkyo into kotegaeshi
  • ikkyo into sankyo
  • ikkyo into iriminage
  • ikkyo into kaiten nage - Paul (He doesn't let himself get into ikkyo position. He turns into nage and applies the technique to nage's opposite arm)


  • nikkyo into sankyo
  • nikkyo into koshinage


  • Iriminage into iriminage - nage slides under uke's throwing arm and turns toward uke's back; need to do this early enough before uke's arm is in position
  • Iriminage into koshinage - take another step with outside leg, pivot 180 degrees toward uke, step into uke with outside leg and do koshinage
  • Iriminage into kotegaeshi - as uke leads you around, go after his leading hand with your free hand, turning into uke, grab his free hand and do kotegaeshi
  • Iriminage into kata hiki otoshi - grab uke's throwing arm, pass under it, grab his shoulder with your other hand, step back into kata hiki otoshi. A lot of different techniques can be done from this entry: sankyo, kaiten nikkyo, etc.


  • tsuki kotegaeshi into kotegaeshi - grab the top of uke's throwing hand with your free hand
  • tsuki kotegaeshi into hiji hiki otoshi - take closest elbow with our free hand
  • tsuki kotegaeshi into iriminage - step in deep behind uke
  • tsuki kotegaeshi into shihonage - grab wrist underneath


  • shihonage into iriminage - take iriminage at end, extend your arm and unbalance uke
  • shihonage into sankyo - turn to the inside as uke is throwing you in shihonage and apply sankyo

Tanto tori


  • Shihonage
  • kotegaeshi - 2 ways
  • Ikkyo into garuma (?) - take uke's elbow, step forward and throw
  • makiotoshi
  • old nikkyo - like ikkyo ura but grab like gokyo
  • tenkan, grab under wrist, lead uke around and go under his arm for sankyo
  • taiotoshi - control arm at end



  • Shihonage
  • kotegaeshi
  • makiotoshi
  • gokkyo



  • old nikkyo
  • kotegaeshi
  • tenkan and into sankyo




  1. kokyo nage on uke's right side
  2. slide in to uke's right side and tenkan, grabbing sword between his hands and project forward
  3. slide in to uke's right side, tenkan and grabbing sword lead uke up and around; finish with reaching under his arms with my right arm and projecting forward
  4. slide into uke's right side, grab sword with right hand, place left hand around uke's head with my fingers under his chin and tenkan one turn; then twist hips back to left and throw uke
  5. kotegaeshi on nage's right side only (other side doesn't work)
  6. shihonage on uke's left side: nage's left hand cuts down over sword handle, while nage's right hand grabs uke's right wrist from underneath. Nage's left hand then grabs handle of sword and his hips are twisted to the right. Finish with regular shihonage
  7. step to uke's left side, step on his left foot and push his chin back with your left palm
  8. hitoe iriminage



  1. Uke strikes your left side. Step in to your rt and grab sword handle with your rt hand. Continue uke's motion upwards and then tenkan and put your left arm under his shoulder and then throw.
  2. Shiho-nage: starting as above, grab the handle with your rt (outside) hand. Cut sword into uke (twisting your hips) and grab his wrist with your left hand. Do shiho-nage. Think of pushing his hands back into his face.
  3. Maki otoshi: Arm drag turning with his motion.
  4. These can be done to either side



  1. same first four as shomen
  2. kotegaeshi from either side


Uke strikes

  1. uke and nage on opposite side of jo - nage grabs with both hands, pushes close end of jo down and steps in under uke's arms to throw like kaiten nage
  2. uke and nage on same side of jo - nage grabs with both hands, (fwd hand is underneath uke's hand) nage slides in with front foot and tenkans, end of jo closest uke goes up and throw uke in original direction of motion
  3. uke and nage on same side of jo - nage irimis and grabs jo with his fwd hand (thumb pointing back toward nage) and moves jo in a big arc up and back toward uke. Nage's other hand moves to jo toward the end of the throw

Nage holds jo

  1. pull jo back with your hips and then move it forward on the opposite side of uke
  2. pull jo back and move tip up and over uke's shoulder on opposite side
  3. pull jo back and go circularly over uke's head
  4. step in and keep uke moving fwd to throw

Techniques that can be done from almost any technique

  1. tsuki age
  2. makiotoshi
  3. kata hiki otoshi
  4. hitoe iriminage
  5. kaiten nage
  6. ukigoshi
  7. hiji hiki otoshi
  8. shihonage
  9. kotegaeshi
  10. iriminage


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