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Aikido In Box

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This is a page to stash notes temporarily while they are still fresh in the mind. Then we will figure out where to file them.

Remember to breathe when throwing in a line !

Freestyle preparation: irimi, tenkan and tenshin - a couple of techniques for each

Attack Irimi Tenkan Tenshin
Tsuki Iriminage, Windmill throw kotegaeshi, taiotoshi shihonage, saeoeotoshi
Shomenuchi Iriminage, taiotoshi kotegaeshi, taiotoshi shihonage, ukiotoshi
Yokomen Tsuki age, kata hiki otoshi kotegaeshi kiri otoshi
Ryotetori tenchi nage, kaiten nage hajiki goshi, udekeme nage kotegaeshi, shihonage


Chiba sensei discusses the 3 W's (when, where, what) that encompass a martial encounter. Emphasizing all three in your martial arts practice with every execution of technique will help develop your Aikido. When implies timing of intiation, can be physical or psychological. Where implies body position, tai sabaki, footwork. What is what you execute with, ie technique.


More aikido terminology










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